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How high is the appropriate height of the bathroom shower faucet installation off the ground

Posted on April 02 2022

How high is the appropriate height of the bathroom shower faucet installation off the ground? What are the classifications of shower faucets?

How many centimeters should the shower faucet be installed above the ground?

1. The height of the mixing valve of the shower faucet and the ground must be determined in advance. Before installing the shower faucet, the first thing is to determine the installation position. The distance between the mixing valve of the shower faucet and the ground is probably controlled between 90-100 cm. While designing the height, you should also fine-tune it according to the height of your family. However, the minimum height should not be less than 110 cm, otherwise the water from the shower faucet cannot enter smoothly.

2. Generally speaking, after the shower faucet is installed, the reserved wire head should be just buried in the ceramic tiles on the wall, and it is best to be covered with ceramic tiles, or it will affect the appearance of the shower faucet. Therefore, when laying water pipes, you must carefully consider the reserved position at this time. Generally, the height needs to be 15mm higher than the rough wall. Only by doing this can the thread ends be buried after the tiles are applied to ensure the wall. The noodles are beautiful and clean.

3. When installing the wall-mounted shower faucet, you should pay attention to that the distance between the hot and cold water pipes should be about 15 cm. Before installation, you need to do a good job of measurement, so that you can use the water pipe to soak the water pipe to avoid damage to the faucet due to excessive water quality.

What are the types of shower faucets

1. Divided by handle

The common shower faucets on the market mainly have double handles and single handles. The double handle shower faucets are connected to the cold water and hot water respectively. The water output is controlled by rotation, and the water temperature can be adjusted together. Its price It's cheaper. The single-handle forest bath shower faucet uses left and right rotation to control the water output and hot and cold water, which is more expensive.

2. According to the installation method

Different installation methods include wall-mounted and wall-mounted shower faucets. Among them, the wall-mounted type is installed on the wall, which means that its faucet body, water divider, and connecting pipe pillars can all be seen on the wall. In-wall shower faucets generally show that only the handle is visible on the wall, and other functional components such as pipes are invisible on the surface.

How to choose a good shower faucet

1. Choose by performance

A shower faucet with good performance is very important to a family, especially its water-saving performance is very important. A water-saving faucet will not leak water even if it is opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times. Water prices are very beneficial. We can choose high-tech faucets with ceramic chips, self-closing, and variable-pitch types. The water-saving effect is very good.

2. Choose according to family situation

For bathrooms with elderly and children at home, it is best to choose a double-handle shower faucet, because it is very clear for cold water and hot water, and it is very convenient to use, so there is no need to worry about being burned.

3. Choose according to the faucet spool

The functions and effects of shower faucets with different spool water are also different. There are mainly ceramic discs, stainless steel ball valves and roller spools on the market. Among them, ceramic discs are low in price, less polluting and easy to break. , The roller-rolling valve core rotates smoothly, is easy to operate, and is resistant to aging and wear. The stainless steel ball valve has high technology content, accurate water temperature control, energy saving and water saving

4. Choose according to different apartment types

Houses of different sizes are suitable for different shower faucets. For large houses, you can choose a double-handle faucet, which is more atmospheric. Single-handle faucet can be selected for small apartment, which is more compact and exquisite.