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How to choose a faucet brand is the key to durability and environmental protection

Posted on April 01 2022

In the past, the faucet may just be a little thing that can't be used to wash your face and hands. But in fact, choosing a good brand of faucet is also a great knowledge. The most important thing is to protect the environment and save water, and the price of brand products is the key. Below, Xiaobian will teach you how to buy qualified faucet products.

One of the faucet brand choices: what brand of valve heart

The built-in valve core of faucet mostly adopts steel ball valve and ceramic valve. The steel ball valve has a solid and durable steel ball body and tenacious pressure resistance, but the disadvantage is that the rubber ring for sealing is easy to lose and will soon age. The ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, and the faucet with ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth in terms of hand feeling. It can achieve a high number of opening resistance, open and close quickly, and solve the problems of running, emitting, dripping and leakage.

The second choice of faucet brand: is it a water-saving skin softener

On weekdays, if you pay attention to observation, you will find that the water flow of high-end faucets is as soft and comfortable as fog, and will not splash everywhere. The secret weapon of these faucets is the addition of a bubbler, which can fully mix the flowing water and air, and make the water flow have the effect of foaming. With the addition of air, the scouring force of water is improved a lot, so as to effectively reduce water consumption.

The third choice of faucet brand: material is very important

The traditional old-fashioned faucet and water pipe are easy to rust and pollute the water quality. When you get up early and use it, you need to drain the yellow water in the pipe first. Stainless steel and copper faucets and water pipes will not rust. In addition, the copper faucet has the functions of sterilization and disinfection, which belongs to health products.

The fourth choice of faucet brand: environmental protection function should be considered when selecting faucet

With the improvement of living conditions and living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for water quality. Therefore, environmental protection and functional faucets have been paid more and more attention. Some brands or manufacturers began to create new ideas from the perspective of environmental protection and functionality, mainly to reduce the lead content of faucets and improve water quality.