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How to Install Angle Valve without Water Leakage

Posted on November 14 2022

The faucet in the kitchen always needs to be replaced. The most troublesome place to replace it is the corner valve. If the angle valve is not installed properly, there will always be water leakage drop by drop. If you want to install the angle valve, you should also pay attention to skills

Tools/raw materials :

Angle Valve

Raw tape

Wrench, etc


  1. First close the main water valve. Clean the interface where the angle valve is to be installed. After replacing the original angle valve, carefully clean the rust and empty the residual water in the pipe.
  2. Select the appropriate angle valve. Close the valve on the angle valve and know where the two interfaces of the angle valve are connected.
  3. Use raw tape to tightly wrap the screw port of angle valve, layer by layer, from inside to outside. Note that it is usually required to wrap more than 5 layers, not afraid of thickness
  4. Rotate the angle valve along the connection direction of the screw port to tighten the screw port of the wall. Pay attention not to use excessive force when screwing in. You can tighten it by hand first. After screwing, you can use a wrench and other tools to screw the angle valve for half a turn, and try to adjust the position of the water outlet to facilitate the connection of the water pipe.
  5. Connect the water supply pipe to another interface of the angle valve. After connection, open the main valve to test whether there is water leakage.

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