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How to install sanitary faucet

Posted on April 01 2022

Generally, the installation dimension drawing and operation manual are attached to the mixing bathroom faucet when leaving the factory. Before installation and use, the commodity packaging shall be opened to check the certificate of conformity, so as to avoid the use of three no products. If it is an imported commodity, you should be more careful.

In addition, check whether the hardware fittings are complete. The general hardware fittings shall be equipped with: a set of fixing bolts, fixing copper sheets and gaskets; A complete set of basin lifting water remover; Two water inlet pipes. Take out the faucet and pull the handle up, down, left and right to feel light and free opening and closing, with a slight uniform and soft block. Then it is necessary to check the plated surface to be bright and free of bubbles, spots and scratches. If the sanitary faucet is used in a new house, because the water supply pipe network is newly paved, there will be sand and other impurities in the water. Before installation, drain the water for a long time until the water quality becomes clear.

During installation, one end of the two water inlet pipes is installed on the faucet, and the other end is connected with two cold and hot angle valves or two cold and hot joints. Install the water drainage of the basin, connect the lifting water at the basin bottom, and connect the end to the's' or 'p' elbow. When opening and using, do not use too much force to cause human damage. The surface of the faucet shall be wiped clean after normal use. After using for a period of time, cut off the cold and hot water flow. Use a wrench to carefully screw the water nozzle filter screen to clean impurities, and then install it carefully.

Now, many sanitary faucet production companies have certain quality assurance commitments to their products. Generally, leading manufacturers implement three-year quality assurance to users, promise to repair product quality problems free of charge within three years, and enjoy lifelong service after three years.