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How to solve and maintain the dripping of bathroom faucet?

Posted on April 01 2022

What if the kitchen bathroom faucet leaks? Washing vegetables and cooking in the kitchen are inseparable from water. If the bathroom faucet leaks, it will not only waste water resources for no reason, but also affect the cleanliness of the kitchen. The following Xiaobian will share several maintenance methods for the leakage of sanitary faucets, hoping to be helpful to your life!

Repair method for leakage of sanitary faucet 1. Replace the axis of sanitary faucet

Knowing yourself and the enemy can win a hundred battles, and repairing bathroom faucets is the same. If you want to repair the leakage of the bathroom faucet, you have to understand the cause of the leakage of the bathroom faucet. If the axis pad in the bathroom faucet is worn, use pliers to loosen the gland bolt, then take out the axis pad and replace it with a new one!

Repair method for water leakage of sanitary faucet 2. Water stop tape is damaged

Fasten the bathroom faucet, and then use a wrench to remove the bathroom faucet by turning it counterclockwise, and then use the threaded hole to roll it up six times clockwise with wind printed tape. After it is done, screw the bathroom faucet again, and then turn on the switch to try whether there will be water leakage.

Maintenance method for water leakage of sanitary faucet 3. Water leakage at the joint of sanitary faucet nozzle

Send off the cap nut of the sanitary faucet, and then fasten it again, or you can directly replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.

In addition, you can judge whether your bathroom faucet has wood or water leakage by observing the water output of the bathroom faucet. Generally, if the water leakage of the bathroom faucet is larger and larger, the water output of the faucet is larger and larger.

What about the leakage of bathroom faucet? This is the end of our sharing. Thank you for your attention. Hope to bring help to your life!

For the users who have purchased the electric bathroom faucet, they are most concerned about the safety of the product. In fact, the daily maintenance of the electric bathroom faucet has a great impact on its service life and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance.

Use a three hole socket with ground wire: the quick heating sanitary faucet should use a three hole socket with ground wire. Never connect to a two hole socket without ground wire to prevent danger. When the line is not long enough, use the patch panel with overcurrent protection device. In addition, pay attention to whether there is 3C mark on the socket to ensure safety.

Exhaust: when using for the first time, first make the water flow fully unblocked through cold water to exhaust all the air in the machine cavity, and then connect the power supply for use, which can greatly increase the service life of the quick heating sanitary faucet.

Cleaning: often wipe the dirt on the shell with a soft cloth to keep the appearance of the product clean and bright. If the tap water pressure is normal and the hot water flow is very small, please cut off the power supply and check whether the water inlet filter screen of the spray hole of the quick heating sanitary faucet is blocked. If it is blocked, you can use a sewing needle to dredge the small hole and clean the sundries to keep the waterway unblocked. Do not clean the shell or spray water on the fuselage when powered on.

The quick heating sanitary faucet must be installed vertically, and it may cause accidents if it is placed horizontally or upside down. Because the quick heating sanitary faucet is heated through the lower heating pipe. In case of accident, it shall be stopped immediately. It is strictly forbidden to connect the outlet nozzle not configured by the manufacturer. This is because the design and configuration of the nozzle are related to the power, temperature rise and flow. Once changed, it will destroy the original internal design and cause functional obstacles. Water flows around the heating pipe in the engine room to transfer heat. If it is placed upside down, horizontally or obliquely, it will cause interference and burn out the heating pipe.

When using the quick heating sanitary faucet, if you find that the indicator light does not produce hot water and the sound is abnormal, you must stop using it immediately, turn off the power supply, contact the manufacturer's maintenance personnel in time, ask professional personnel to repair it, and do not disassemble it by yourself.