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How to solve the problem of bathroom faucet

Posted on April 01 2022

As a qualified shopping guide, we should not only accurately and concisely tell customers the characteristics of products, but also have the ability to solve problems for customers. The most common problems for customers are the leakage of sanitary faucets.

1、 Causes of water leakage of sanitary faucet:

(1) Poor water quality will cause garbage in the valve core, which is easy to cause the valve core to be closed loosely. (2) Scratch the valve core in the process of use, it will be scratched due to the wear of foreign hard substances. For example, when the water supply pipe is broken and re discharged, the water may contain rust or sand particles, resulting in the surface of the valve core being scratched, unable to seal and water leakage during the opening and closing process. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the impurities in the water pipe when installing the sanitary faucet. (3) The connection between the water inlet hose and the main body of the sanitary faucet is leaking due to improper installation.

2、 The bathroom faucet loses luster and even rusts. The electroplating layer of the bathroom faucet plays a role in rust prevention.

However, this does not mean that the sanitary faucet will never rust without any maintenance. No matter how good the sanitary faucet is, there will be many small holes on its electroplating layer that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. The difference is that for products with good quality, these small holes will be less and the hole diameter will be smaller. However, without any maintenance, the daily humid gas and the corrosive gas produced by frequently used hand sanitizer, grease and so on will always run in from here. Over time, the material under the electroplating layer will rust and seep out to the surface. The way to keep the sanitary faucet bright and free from rust for a long time is to use wax to wipe the sanitary faucet regularly (for example, once a half month or once a month), seal the small holes on the electroplated surface, and prevent moisture and corrosive gas from running in. Special note: do not wipe the bathroom faucet with hard objects such as steel ball.

3、 Causes of sudden cold and heat of thermostatic faucet

1. Too little hot water consumption mainly occurs in users using gas-fired water heaters, and mostly in summer. Due to the relatively small amount of hot water in summer, the water heater is easy to meet, and the ignition is stopped when it is met. When the hot water is insufficient, ignite again. Such repeated ignition, flameout and ignition lead to the presence, absence and presence of hot water supply, resulting in sudden cold and hot water outlet. Solution: lower the fire and temperature of the water heater. 2. The power is insufficient, the power of the supporting water heater is insufficient, and the required heat cannot be met. Solution: replace the high-power water heater, the garbage is blocked, and the filter screen is blocked by garbage, resulting in the reduction of water pressure. Solution: remove the filter screen at the angle valve.