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If the in-wall faucet is broken, do you still have to smash the wall?

Posted on October 24 2022

The in-wall faucet will save space and be more beautiful, but it is still more difficult to maintain after replacing it, so few people will install it like this, but if your faucet is installed like this, then you need to pay attention! Next, let's take a look at how to repair a leaking in-wall faucet.

If the in-wall faucet is broken, do you still have to smash the wall?

It needs to be judged according to the situation. If the pipe is broken, you need to smash the wall for repair or replacement; if only the faucet is broken, there is no need to smash the wall. Use a wrench of suitable size, slowly turn the faucet back clockwise to unscrew the faucet. After unscrewing the faucet, remove the impurities in the water pipe, slowly turn the faucet backwards clockwise, and wrap the raw tape clockwise around the thread of the faucet. , about 20 turns, and then screw the faucet clockwise to the water pipe and tighten it. After installation, be sure to test the water to check whether the faucet will continue to leak.

How to repair the leaking in-wall faucet?

  1. If the in-wall faucet is broken, first turn off the water valve, and then buy a faucet in the market to replace it. First find a wrench of the right size, then slowly turn the faucet counterclockwise, then remove the impurities and foreign objects in the water pipe, then tie it to the new faucet with a raw material tape, and then turn the faucet clockwise. Screw it to the water pipe, be sure to tighten it, otherwise it will leak.
  2. If the wall-mounted faucet is broken, find the plug of the water pipe, then use a wrench to screw the plug into the water pipe connection on the wall to make it firm, and then unscrew the plug in the opposite direction before the water pipe. The faucet adapter in the wall was brought out with it.

Advantages of in-wall faucets

  1. Simple and beautiful

Installing a wall-mounted faucet in the bathroom or kitchen and removing some cumbersome components can make the overall effect more concise and advanced, and the appearance is very high. At the same time, the countertop space can be appropriately released and the space utilization rate can be improved.

  1. Easy to clean

Because the structure of the in-wall faucet is relatively simple and exposed on the surface, the cleaning of dead corners will be less, and the cleaning is simple and not troublesome.

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