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Innovative sales model of sanitary ware factory

Posted on April 01 2022

Nowadays, with the development of Internet channels, the traditional sales channels of sanitary ware will face new tests. Especially in the dealer link, the pressure is even greater. Therefore, the reform with service and experience as the core has already begun, and this thinking has been introduced into the distribution network early. In today's pursuit of extreme products, only service and experience can win the favor of consumers. Bathroom marketing model is changing

When using the brand growth mode, the bathroom factory should not blindly expand the production scale, but reach the economic scale that can form the "economies of scale effect". Brand innovation marketing has become a major issue in front of sanitary ware factories. With the growth of some sanitary ware factories for many years, the overall strength has been quite strong, and the factory investment promotion has been gradually improved. In the composition of sanitary ware market channels, the relationship between factories and dealers is fish and water. The sales volume of sanitary ware dealers determines the performance of factories, while the overall planning of sanitary ware factories determines the survival of dealers. The coordination of the relationship between the two is an essential link in how to make the bathroom factory bigger and stronger. With the change of sanitary ware market situation, sanitary ware factories need to pay more attention to the major channel of linking dealers. Only when the marketing model keeps pace with the times can we achieve the ideal effect.

At present, the service form of the whole bathroom industry is nothing more than providing installation, maintenance and other services. For those who do a little better, there will be some measures such as member points reward, telephone return visit and so on. These can more or less accumulate some word-of-mouth for the factory and produce some referrals. The essence of service marketing is to reflect the respect and humanized care for consumers, so as to make consumers form a strong sense of identity and dependence on the brand.

Bathroom marketing model should meet market demand

The strong rise of e-commerce has largely diverted the passenger flow of traditional channels. At present, the development channels of many industries have been impacted by e-commerce. Under the current market environment, online sales are eating off-line "cake", and e-commerce has won more customers with its price advantage, which erodes the interests of home stores. Therefore, the advantage of bathroom factories to seize market share by using online channels is more obvious. Behind these new models, service has become a key factor restricting the complete success of the reform of sanitary ware factories. In the current sanitary ware market, service seems to have become a marketing model. There are many successful examples of sanitary ware factories using service to drive their own sales and attract customers.

Bathroom channel and marketing model innovation any industrial chain has its own division of labor, and completes the development consensus on the basis of clear division of labor. The changes of consumers promote the continuous progress of sanitary ware factories. In a changing era, if factories want not to be eliminated, they must adapt to the times. The only constant is to keep in mind what consumers need us to do.

This is also a prerequisite for sanitary ware factories to grasp the direction of market consumption demand. In terms of the current sanitary ware market, sanitary ware factories can fundamentally cater to the changing market environment and win long-term development only by changing a variety of important marketing channels according to the market situation.