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It is most important for sanitary ware dealers to choose the brand of sanitary ware manufacturers

Posted on April 01 2022

Sanitary ware manufacturers should not only assess their strength when selecting dealers, but also assess their comprehensive indicators such as goodwill, reputation, terminal network and marketing awareness. More importantly, it depends on whether the dealer has a strong willingness to cooperate. 2、 After years of market operation, the floor sanitary ware manufacturers of third tier brands have gradually established their own rules on how to select dealers. The sanitary ware manufacturers can achieve good results as long as they use their business flexibly according to the investment promotion terms.

In the market of sanitary ware manufacturers, there are many brands of sanitary ware manufacturers. When faced with a hundred flowers competing for beauty, dealers must not be confused. They should choose the brands of sanitary ware manufacturers that have room to rise according to the local market conditions, which is also a prerequisite for effectively controlling the local market in the future. Many dealers hold big brands wholeheartedly and still have the mentality of "leaning against the big tree to enjoy the cool", without considering the local market demand at all.

First tier brands have been saturated, unwilling to second and third tier brands

For large dealers, they need smooth channels for first-line brands to expand sales to get their year-end rebate; For ordinary dealers, the purpose of choosing first-line brands is to seek their own development with the help of brand market popularity.

However, the threshold of first-line sanitary ware manufacturers is very high. They will only cooperate with several large agents in a region, and then they will develop second - and third-line dealers. As a result, ordinary dealers cannot have direct dialogue with bathroom manufacturers with first-line brands. If they encounter bottlenecks in sales, they will often be eliminated by their agents. Dealers are in a weak and passive position and have no voice.

2、 Compared with the first-line brands, the brand awareness of the third-line sanitary ware manufacturers is not so high, consumers are not very supportive, and the advertising support of sanitary ware manufacturers is not as strong as that of the first-line brands.

Therefore, for general dealers, how to choose a second and third tier brand suitable for their own development and local market operation as a long-term strategic partner for common development is particularly important.

Lock the brand on the principle of mutual benefit

Business enterprise cooperation is called "fish and water" by many people. Both sanitary ware manufacturers and businesses hope to achieve a win-win relationship. But in fact, sanitary ware manufacturers and dealers are opposed in many aspects because of their respective positions.

However, the cooperation between dealers and sanitary ware manufacturers tends to be passive. They don't have a clear idea and don't know what they want to do? Which brand is more conducive to their own development, and how should dealers position themselves? Should we choose an excellent second and third tier brand for long-term cooperation, or should we go with the tide and rely on big brands to do it day by day?

Of course, in the process of choosing to cooperate with sanitary ware manufacturers, you also need to carefully consider whether the overall strategic direction of sanitary ware manufacturers is the same as your own goals. For example, if you have rich resources in the market of high-end sanitary ware manufacturers, you can choose a sanitary ware manufacturer focusing on high-end sanitary ware manufacturers to cooperate, so that we can do a good job in various services and develop together.

Each dealer has its own resource advantages. The development of sanitary ware manufacturers needs a clear market positioning, and the development of sanitary ware manufacturers and dealers is the same. Dealers may wish to list all your strengths, weaknesses and social relations, find the most advantageous and reliable resources as a reference, clarify their direction, and then find a suitable brand for negotiation and cooperation.