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Maintenance and repair of faucet

Posted on April 01 2022

Washing machine faucet material: copper

Washing machine faucet material components: Washing machine faucet body

Fine copper body of washing machine tap: The main body of the washing machine is made of high quality 62 copper ingot, the use of advanced gravity casting process, the precision machinery manufacturing, like nature itself, sturdy and durable.

Washing machine faucet spool:

1, washing machine taps with sophisticated imported ceramic spool, with diamond-like hardness, ceramic spool high quality, feel comfortable, more than 500 thousand times the switch can still operate smoothly, durable, no leakage.

2, washing machine faucet without maintenance, no wear, aging resistance.

3, washing machine faucet used in hard water, will not be affected by gravel or sand.

Washing machine faucet plating:

The washing machine faucet  adopts advanced electroplating process, after acid copper, nickel and chromium multiple coating, plating layer with good adhesion, fine texture, uniform color, excellent corrosion resistance, to ensure that the product surface bright, even if used for a long time still looks like a new one.

Washing machine faucet lead standard: Washing machine faucet in line with national GB / T1176 lead standard, no harm to human health, to protect you and your family to use non-harmful metal elements of the product.

Washing machine faucet inspection:

The introduction of German spectrometer, the Japanese film thickness tester, and other advanced experimental equipment, from the testing of raw materials and other auxiliary parts of the test, the service life of the product, seal to the product on the surface of the coating thickness testing of products, product to save water flow testing, each process through the strict inspection, the operation of the entire experimental standards are based on CSA, ASME, EN817 and other relevant national standards to complete. Before leaving the factory for each product to got on the water test to ensure that the taps not water leakage.

Water Taps manufacturers to remind:

Ready to install: kitchen faucet  before installation should be within the residual dirty water, residue, sand and other impurities rinse , and then install the kitchen faucet, to prevent foaming obstruction or plug is damaged.

Cleaning surface:

1, regular use of detergent scrub decontamination, scrub with clean water before the tap surface and wipe with a soft cotton cloth, coupled with neutral detergent gently wipe, to maintain its surface clean.

2, Do not use any abrasive cleaning agent, hard cloth, paper towels or steel balls, as well as any acidic, rough cleaning agents or soap and other items wipe the kitchen faucet surface.

China faucet manufacturers to remind the filter how to cleaning: the bubble head removed, remove the filter, under the faucet with a toothbrush or a small brush, scrub the filter.