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New trends in bathroom renovations: taking into account the new preferences of male and female users

Posted on October 09 2022

Recently, the American bathroom media KBDN surveyed a number of senior interior designers on the current bathroom decoration trends, and announced the main fashion trends. This article translates the main content of the report as follows for industry reference.

When the area of a house and the decoration budget are limited, a master bathroom is usually used by multiple people. How to meet the style preferences and needs of different users is a big challenge for designers, but for many designers, design A good bathroom is very valuable because the space plays a pivotal role in the life of its users.

Designing a bathroom that is shared by many people requires the designer to take the time to understand the client and their daily life. For example, some people like to stay in the bathroom for a while, while others like to get in and out quickly, some customers like to shower, and some people like to sit baths, customers have special preferences for materials, etc. The KBDN survey found that while there aren't necessarily any hard and fast rules about which gender prefers which traits, designers say there are some commonalities.

  1. Male user preference

According to multiple designers KBDN interviewed, male clients are generally receptive to any space that suits them. The requests they make tend to be technology-related. Men like products with high technical added value, such as steam showers, heated floors, heated towel rails, and bathroom mirrors with automatic defogging to make bathroom use more efficient.

While male users will also favor larger countertops, they are generally more concerned with plumbing quality and installation height. Men often request a shower head with good water pressure, installed at a comfortable height. For showers that are used by multiple people, it is important to find the right installation height of the shower and accessories to meet everyone's needs. At the same time, male users also consider the longevity and maintenance of the bathroom fixtures they choose.

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  1. Female user preference

The requirements of female users do have some overlap with those of males. For example, giving couples their own separate countertop space can boost their well-being, especially if they have different levels of cleanliness.

For women, storage — especially highly ordered storage — is at the top of nearly every wish list. Designers found that one of the most common requests from women was for more storage space, and to sort it out, there would be drawers for small items like cosmetics, medicine cabinets hidden behind mirrors, alcoves for toiletries, Even a wardrobe for tall vertical items. Some designers would recommend installing a built-in cabinet on the wall near the toilet, where they can store toilet paper, unsightly toilet brushes, and feminine products so that these items can be kept out of sight and readily available.

In the bathroom, choosing a durable countertop is important, especially when applying makeup and using heated tools, and ceramic plates are often a good choice.

If the space includes a bathtub, some designers say it's usually at the request of female clients. Female clients also often want a small table nearby so they can light candles

  1. Consensus and Compatibility

When the two parties who want to share the bathroom cannot reach a consensus on the decoration plan, good designers encourage them to think about what they like more. "When a couple is a couple, thinking about what they like can serve as a starting point to move us in the right direction," says one designer.

Bathrooms are often small and every inch of space counts, especially when there are multiple users in the master bathroom. When there isn't enough space for everyone's needs, designers encourage clients to consider priorities and use that to guide the design. For example, if there is no space for a separate bathtub and shower, a combination of a bathtub and shower can be designed. Wall-mounted toilets are also a great way to save space and give the illusion of a larger room.

Incorporating everything into a limited space is challenging, especially with a small footprint. Designers try to integrate as many functions as possible and take care of the needs of different users as evenly as possible.

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