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Pay close attention to opportunities and not be afraid of challenges. Faucet manufacturers reshape people's healthy life

Posted on April 02 2022

Wearing masks when going out, keeping social distancing, washing hands and disinfecting frequently, and keeping the living environment clean and ventilated... These hygiene knowledge is gradually internalized into people’s living habits in the continuous publicity all over the country, and these habits are quickly reflected in the economic field. Turn into people's new demand for home building materials. Sterilization, moisture-proof, and odorless have become high-frequency vocabulary in the advertising slogans of sanitary products. Propaganda "gimmicks" such as beautiful and exquisite, European and American style gradually receded into a secondary position. Sanitary products have realized their own value return under the influence of the epidemic.

New demands will inevitably bring new markets. Recently, at the China International Smart Industry Expo held in Chongqing, two smart toilets launched by faucet manufacturers have become the most popular star products in the audience, precisely because they have ultraviolet sterilization, instant heat cleaning, and non-contact foot flushing. The function, as far as possible, isolates the space of contact between people and the virus, which is more in line with the new concept of people's consumption.

Started at the end of the week and issued at Huazhi

The toilet is now just a common small object in life, but for the "post-80s", it is a big thing. They still have such "terrible" memories during their growth: flies flying around, cold wind running wild, stains everywhere, nowhere to go, neighbors in the neighborhood will often talk to you about the test results that you can't bear to look back. For them, it is such a blessing to have a toilet of their own at home. When they finally realized their wish, the parents were overwhelmed by various malfunctions. Therefore, they will not be particularly surprised when they see that the most popular specialty product brought back by visitors to Japan is the toilet seat.

In China, most toilet bowls are made of ceramics, and the world-renowned foreign trade products are also ceramics. It consumes raw materials to produce ceramics, exports them to Japan to produce high-quality toilet seats, and then buys them home at a high price by the Chinese. Everyone can find the weirdness with a little thought.

Fortunately, in Tangshan, Hebei, the capital of ceramics in northern China, a group of people discovered the problem early and took action.

The Tangshan area is rich in coal. The refractory bauxite, hard and soft (plastic) clay, as well as inorganic non-metallic minerals such as quartz and feldspar are abundant as raw materials for ceramics. It is an ideal ceramic production area. The ceramic art here began in the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, and has a history of nearly 600 years. The rich Tangshan ceramic culture has nurtured a group of pioneers, who always pay attention to the needs of the general public, and constantly innovate in ceramic skills until they become the industry leader. One of the outstanding representatives is the faucet manufacturer.

In November 1982, "Huanggezhuang Ceramic Factory", the predecessor of the faucet manufacturer, was born in Tangshan. Who could have imagined that these seven small tiled houses would become the biggest driving force for the toilet revolution of the Chinese people in the future. In 2006, 99% of households in Japan have adopted smart toilets and are keenly aware of the importance of smart sanitary wares. In those days, they proposed independent research and development of smart sanitary wares to improve the Chinese manufacturing environment and the beautiful living environment, and let the world re-recognize Chinese manufacturing. On April 5, 2017, the faucet manufacturer successfully listed on the A-share main board, becoming the first comprehensive sanitary ware company listed on the domestic main board.

"We are not only an enterprise, but also an organization in China. To continuously improve people's living standards, we are good at improving the sanitation environment, especially solving toilet problems." said the president of the faucet manufacturer. It is precisely because of this original intention that the faucet manufacturer established the first toilet revolution research institute in China, dedicated to solving the toilet health problems of the Chinese people. Nowadays, the epidemic is challenging the development capabilities of enterprises, and it has also accelerated the transformation of consumer perceptions, bringing opportunities for the development of smart toilets. In this field, Huida will surely have a lot to do.

From the development history of the toilet, we can see that it is precisely because generations of Tang Tao people have always placed the needs of the Chinese people in an important position and have worked tirelessly for it, they have exchanged today's toilet freedom and filled the huge sanitary ware industry. Blank, truly rectifying the name for China's manufacturing.

See the spirit in the ordinary, see the truth in the subtle

The history of the development of Chinese toilets is only a small part of the history of the entire sanitary ware industry.

The sanitary ware industry involves many categories, including wood products, ceramics, hardware, custom shower rooms... This has resulted in the sanitary ware industry's characteristics of multiple categories, materials, and production options. This requires sanitary ware companies to design and develop different categories for different materials, and at the same time formulate different production plans based on user needs, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of different materials in the realization of functions.

In addition, China has a large population and the problem of differentiation between North and South is obvious. It is difficult for a single company to do well in single-product and explosive products, which leads to a high product duplication rate in the market. Therefore, the development of sanitary ware companies needs to take product enhancement as the foundation, and product enhancement requires a deep insight into the ever-changing diversified needs of consumers, and make good use of scenarios and product richness to meet customer needs.

In addition, the sanitary ware industry is a highly fragmented industry with diversified channels. So far, no company in the market can completely lead the way. Today, this industry is in the process of accelerating brand concentration. Intensive, large-scale, professional, and refined business methods have become an inevitable trend. The "Matthew effect" has accelerated, and some leading " "Small and beautiful" companies have huge opportunities in industry changes, which need to be explored by the companies themselves. Faucet manufacturers are based on the characteristics of the sanitary ware industry, firmly based on the ever-changing consumer demand, pursue the harmony and unity of ceramics and multiple materials, and establish their own brand characteristics in the vast blue ocean of the sanitary ware industry.

To do a good job in the category of sanitary ware, online promotion cannot be ignored either. In today's era, young consumers have more and more channels to obtain information. While doing a good job in category brands, companies also need to insight into consumer preferences and do a good job with consumption. Interaction. Product enhancement and consumer interaction are complementary, and the two are indispensable in the process of brand development. To this end, faucet manufacturers have made various attempts in marketing methods, such as in-depth cooperation with Internet technology companies to produce punk-style posters, creating a "home of tomorrow" that can touch the future, and quickly integrate into young people. . They also reached an official sponsorship agreement with the Chinese women's volleyball team. The spirit of the women's volleyball team has crossed all ages of the nation, greatly enhancing national self-confidence, which coincides with the identity and pursuit of the national enterprise of the faucet manufacturer.

Move with the trend and keep pace with the timesToday, the Chinese economy is undergoing a profound transformation.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, global trade has fallen into a downturn, the prices of raw materials and bulk products have fluctuated sharply, and the domestic cycle has been placed in an important position. At the same time, as the focus of rural revitalization shifts from comprehensive poverty alleviation to consolidation of poverty alleviation results, the "urban renewal" movement has been carried out across the country, and the contradiction of uneven development has also been refined into the greater demand for living conditions by the people. In addition, the 5G era is accelerating, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" emphasizes "carbon neutrality" and puts forward new requirements for traditional manufacturing. Finally, "housing to live without speculation", the promotion of "common prosperity", education reform, and the three-child entry law have profoundly affected the real estate industry, and the market has produced new judgments on the development trend of the home building materials industry. In this profound change, the sanitary ware industry also needs to adapt to the changes of the times, seize historical opportunities, and make important strategic choices that conform to the development process of the times and better serve domestic consumers.


As early as 2017, in order to adapt to the country's latest requirements for supply-side reforms, faucet manufacturers officially launched the three major strategies of "integration, intelligence, and ecology".


The so-called integration refers to the integration of upstream and downstream resources in the sanitary ware industry to provide users with a one-stop integrated solution to save unnecessary purchase costs for consumption. In 2018, the faucet manufacturer started the construction of the Tangshan headquarters production base, introduced industry-leading automated production equipment, and strongly endorsed the prefabricated residential products; in May 2019, the faucet manufacturer Tangshan integrated bathroom project was officially put into production, and the annual production is expected to be achieved by the end of 2021. 150,000 sets of bathrooms. Today, this advanced layout has achieved a report that far exceeds expectations. The mid-2021 financial report shows that in the first half of this year, the overall bathroom operating income of faucet manufacturers was 54.895 million yuan, a surge of 370.95% year-on-year.


​In terms of intelligence, faucet manufacturers continue to enrich their intelligent product lines. Combined with the normalization of the new crown epidemic, faucet manufacturers have developed LED ultraviolet sterilization smart products, touch-free sensor products, and automatic disinfection products; in order to improve customer comfort, faucet manufacturers have developed convenient control products, convenient storage products and induction soap products; At the same time, focusing on the trend of social aging, faucet manufacturers have developed intelligent products for monitoring health and fittings for old age; insights into the southern balcony cabinet market, found that the balcony blue ocean, faucet manufacturers actively innovate materials, use SMC material as the cabinet basin, the production industry’s first assembly -Style balcony cabinet. In the era of smart manufacturing, the smart bathroom products of faucet manufacturers have also won consumer recognition. As of the first half of 2021, smart bathroom products have achieved revenue of 189 million yuan, an increase of 102.24% year-on-year.


Faucet manufacturers are also constantly innovating in the production process, practicing the concept of "ecological", and striving to achieve the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" goals proposed by the state in advance. The 5G+ system digital signage and analysis independently developed by the faucet manufacturer aggregates the data of almost all production lines, realizes the data collection of the whole production process, and connects with the headquarters in real time, making remote monitoring and real-time decision-making truly possible... In key positions such as grouting workshop, glazing workshop, drying workshop, blank repair workshop, tunnel kiln, packaging, storage, etc., "intelligence and wisdom" have been played to the extreme, and machines can be used without people, and the hard work is high temperature, high risk and pollution. All links are unmanned production, which not only enables technology to empower productivity, but also reflects the company's humanistic care for employees.

The integrated, intelligent, and ecological strategy being practiced by faucet manufacturers not only bases on changes in the consumer market, but also regards national strategy as a basic requirement, fully demonstrating the determination and wisdom of the decision-makers.

In response to changes in the real estate industry, faucet manufacturers have switched their retail channel development focus back to branch expansion. In terms of engineering channels, faucet manufacturers continue to rely on the "1+5" engineering base to deepen their cooperation with well-known real estate companies such as Country Garden, Sunac, and Poly. The strategic cooperation between developers and the signing of strategic cooperation agreements with many head decoration companies at the same time have significantly increased the sales growth rate. Judging from the current situation, faucet manufacturers are expected to speed up the expansion process of business cooperation with head decoration companies in the second half of the year, seize the front-end entrance of traffic, and drive performance growth.

People often say: "opportunities and challenges coexist." The sanitary ware industry is complicated. Whether an enterprise can seize the opportunities brought about by economic changes and respond to the challenges brought by the epidemic directly determines the survival and development of the enterprise, and it also profoundly affects the living standards of consumers. Faucet manufacturers have no distractions, as always, do a good job, deepen, and penetrate the main business of sanitary ware, strive to increase brand influence and market share, and are committed to providing consumers with a good bathroom experience, setting a good example for many companies. Driven by it, more companies will find their own development path in the future, providing inexhaustible driving force for China's intelligent manufacturing.