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Production technology of Chinese faucet manufacturers

Posted on April 01 2022

  1. China faucet manufacturers to provide the kitchen faucet using environmentally friendly original ingot zinc alloy material, and the use of advanced flash melting technology, one die-casting molding, more durable, lead content in line with international water standards;
  2. Kitchen faucet with a precision unique ceramic valve core, 99 hardness ceramic valve plate, durable wear, no wear, feel silky, no leakage;
  3. The kitchen faucet surface by PVD vacuum plating, plating coating thickening, strong adhesion, kitchen faucet with 24 hours of acid salt spray test, and more durable, suitable for different environment, not easy to fall off;
  4. Mirror polishing technology, scratch, lasting luster;
  5. China's faucet manufacturers to provide the kitchen faucet unique 6-layer bubbler technology, water-saving reduce noise to prevent splashing, and rapid cleaning dirt to achieve the perfect soft, smooth water, enjoy the pleasure of bathing.
  6. Humanized locking system device for kitchen faucet provided by Chinese water tap manufacturer;