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Ranking of top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands in China

Posted on April 01 2022

With the development of China's economy, the brands in the sanitary ware industry are increasingly showing a white hot competitive momentum. There are many new brands, but they do not have their own brand positioning and characteristics. Each brand looks similar. Today, Xiaobian has summarized some ranking versions of the top ten Sanitary Ware brands with distinctive characteristics and distinctive brand individuality.

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: toto    Elderly bathroom

Toto elderly bathroom series products. Bathroom products for the elderly, the disabled and other special groups, including barrier free toilets and bathroom space for the elderly. Including: handrail for toilet, crib, baby placement table and children's dressing table. Lifting toilet auxiliary device, shower lifting rod, and wall mounted washbasin.

Ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: dufini    Simple bathroom

Dofiny dufini sanitary ware creates a high-end sanitary ware brand with Nordic simple design, pursues the simple and moving Nordic design style, opens the journey of simple fashion of Chinese sanitary ware, and brings unprecedented simple enjoyment.

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: Shanggao   Fashion bathroom  

The fashionable design style leads the new trend of young bathroom culture. Shanggao brand is positioned to provide lifestyle bathroom space solutions with fashionable design, reasonable function and affordable price around fashionable mass consumers, and become the leading enterprise of domestic bathroom in China.

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: YOROOW    Hotel bathroom

Youlai sanitary ware has designated a sanitary ware brand for star hotels, positioned in the high-end market, and has been providing sanitary ware products for business chain hotels, star hotels, senior clubs, high-end buildings, etc. Based on the simple and high-quality product style, Youlai bathroom is committed to creating a warm, comfortable and humanized modern bathroom space for every family.

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: Quanyou    Green bathroom

Quanyou Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is located in the Chinese ceramic headquarters base in "Foshan", Taodu. Its products include ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet, faucet, bathroom and other sanitary products. Adhering to the enterprise mission of "green and environmental protection"! Spread the "green culture" of "water saving, energy saving, green, environmental protection, green consumption" and others living in harmony with nature.

Top ten characteristic bathroom brands: comfort    Colorful bathroom

The comfortable sanitary ware brand is directly managed by the global brand operator Beijing youcayou international household products Co., Ltd., which pioneers the personalized colorful sanitary ware and strives to carry the "comfortable - freehand water space" and taste the comfortable life  ” This brand appeal adheres to the brand concept of "humanization of product research and development, meticulous marketing strategy and implementation of service commitment".

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: pulemei   Stainless steel bathroom

Pulemei focuses on kitchen and bathroom hardware solutions such as stainless steel faucet, shower, sink and pendant. The products take 304 stainless steel as the main material, which has the advantages of durability, safety, health, environmental protection and easy maintenance. It has become a new generation of health and bathroom products.

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: farnsa   Children's bathroom   

All products of farnsa children's space are a series of children's bathroom products specially developed and designed according to the needs of children aged 3-8 years according to ergonomics. Its childlike animal cartoon shape, bright colors and exquisite styles enable children to enter the happy Caton paradise and create a comfortable, fun, naive and superior healthy water life for children.

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: Nancy    Color bathroom

Nancy creates a series of colorful sanitary ware products with high quality of life from the aspects of design, color and overall solution of space. Nancy's products not only ensure health and environmental protection from the product itself, but also achieve green environmental protection from the source and process of the product. The fashionable popular color breaks through the singleness of white sanitary ware and highlights the diversity and individuation of sanitary space.

Top ten characteristic Sanitary Ware brands: Frank    European bathroom

Founded in 2006, Foshan Frank bathroom Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "building the first professional brand of Chinese classical bathroom cabinet", focusing on the production of high-quality antique and classical series bathroom cabinet products.

The development of a brand has distinct positioning and brand personality, which can better spread in the market, and is also conducive to consumers' identification of bathroom brands. The brand publicity and demands of many bathroom brands are exaggerated and empty. It is difficult for consumers to feel the real commitment of the brand, and it is difficult to maintain the persuasion and influence of the bathroom brand.

In the sanitary ware industry, people begin to pay more and more attention to the brand. In addition to excellent quality and service, a good and distinctive brand image is also important.