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Really check the quality of the first pass

Posted on April 02 2022

Really check the quality of the first pass

Every September is the national "Quality Month". "Quality Month" is an annual special event that is actively participated by the whole society, especially the majority of enterprises, under the advocacy and deployment of relevant government departments, and aims to improve the quality awareness and quality level of the whole people.

The theme of the National Quality Month in 2021 is: embrace digital transformation, promote quality innovation, and enhance the industrial foundation. In-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country by quality requires the participation of the whole society, and a group of responsible companies take the lead in practice, make full use of the opportunities of digital transformation, and finally improve and improve the quality system of the entire industry chain, and promote the steady and healthy development of the economy. As a leader in the domestic ceramic sanitary ware industry, faucet sanitary ware has taken this responsibility without hesitation.

Faucet bathroom deeply understands what quality means to a company and a country. In 1996, it put forward the quality policy of "precise and meticulous, optimized functions, pursuit of the best, and customer satisfaction", and began to gradually abolish all third- and second-class products. This shows the people's emphasis on product quality.


"I would rather smash the whole workshop, and not let the defective products flow into the market. This is responsible for our users and ourselves." The founder Mr. Wang said. His words subsequently triggered the "smashing sanitary ware" incident that shocked the industry.

Accompanied by the sound of "Ding Dong Ding Dong" ceramics being smashed, the product concept of "I would rather smash thousands of pieces and not sell them once" was officially put forward. This incident also made it the first in the sanitary ware industry to realize that all the ex-factory products are all high-quality products. Let the world see the focus and professionalism of sanitary ware. In the following two years, some exported sanitary ceramics also passed the export exemption qualification examination organized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, becoming the first enterprise in the sanitary ceramics industry in the country to obtain this qualification.

Improve the quality system with integration and customization

The sanitary ware industry is closely related to people's lives, and it is easier to feel the pressure brought about by changes in the living environment. The acceleration of the pace of life and the improvement of the aesthetic level have made the various facilities in the bathroom space show a trend of integration. Integration not only requires sanitary ware companies to ingeniously integrate the functions and designs of individual products with the entire space, but also requires companies to have certain strengths in all categories to meet people's consumption habits of "one-stop" shopping and save time and capital costs. .

In order to meet the needs of consumers, faucet sanitary ware has made efforts to build a full product series of sanitary space. From bathroom cabinets, toilets, showers to faucets and pendants, each product adopts a fashionable design style and practical functional collocation. In terms of design, from the half-moon type full of traditional cultural atmosphere to the light luxury industrial style of European and American style, it can be matched with different bathroom decoration styles, providing consumers with a wealth of style choices. In addition, the sanitary products are moisture-proof, sun-proof, odorless, and have a large space, allowing consumers to purchase with confidence without worrying about subsequent expenses.


In 2018, faucet sanitary ware started the construction of the Tangshan headquarters production base, introduced industry-leading automated production equipment, and strongly endorsed the prefabricated residential products; in May 2019, the faucet sanitary ware Tangshan integrated bathroom project was officially put into production, and it is expected to achieve an overall annual output by the end of 2021 150,000 sets of bathrooms. The financial report shows that in the first half of this year, the operating income of faucet and sanitary ware was 54.895 million yuan, an increase of 370.95% year-on-year.

In order to consolidate the southern market, the faucet bathroom is aimed at the balcony cabinets commonly found in homes. The climate in southern China is changeable, and higher requirements are placed on balcony cabinets that store a large number of items: not only must adapt to the humid environment, but also withstand direct sunlight. Faucet Sanitary Ware conducted an in-depth investigation of the southern market, combined with the specific needs and architectural styles of local residents, and set up the first custom-made balcony cabinet processing station in Wuhan. On September 6, 2021, the processing station was inaugurated for trial operation, which became an important measure to fill the gap in the southern balcony cabinet market and open up the southern market.


The establishment of the Wuhan balcony cabinet custom processing station provides local dealers with a faster supply method, breaks the geographical and time constraints, avoids the traditional long-term customization cycle, low integrity rate and other risks, and truly achieves a small investment and a large return. Efficient operation. At the same time, the fabricated balcony cabinet products are not only non-toxic, odorless, and formaldehyde-free, but the characteristics of sun protection, waterproof and moisture-proof also greatly solve the concerns of southern residents that the balcony cabinets cannot withstand direct sunlight, outdoor rain splashes, and moisture penetration.

Improve quality with digitalization and intelligence

Digitalization is inseparable from the improvement of corporate quality. Digitization not only provides a technical foundation for the production and development of intelligent products, but also injects a strong impetus into the overall quality improvement of the industry. On September 6, 2021, the 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Hebei Province opened at the Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Expo Center. As a representative of digital innovation in the manufacturing industry, faucet sanitary ware was invited to participate in the conference.

Over the years, faucet sanitary ware has continuously strengthened its innovation drive, promoted digital transformation, explored industry trends in the fields of innovation and digital, gained insight into consumption structure, developed key projects, and led the development of the industry in the form of independent research and development, investment, and introduction. Take Smart Home (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., which was officially put into operation on March 28, 2021, as an example. This 5G digital intelligent chemical factory, with the leading digital technology as the background, and China Telecom 5G as the support, has realized the networking of production equipment and production data. Practical applications such as visualization, paperless production documents, transparency of the production process, and unmanned production sites.


Not only that, the production workshop of the 5G digital intelligence chemical plant will mark each product, mold, equipment, and kiln car with its own independent "ID card" to realize data collection throughout the production process, and help improve product quality and operational management efficiency. . At the same time, the self-designed 5G system digital signage effectively gathers information, allowing consumers to feel the beautiful enjoyment of bathroom life in the 5G network era. By participating in the digital fair as an important stage to showcase China's wisdom and strength, faucet bathroom fully demonstrates the powerful power of technology in improving quality and provides a new model for industry quality improvement.

Consolidate quality responsibility with branding and ecologicalization

Faucet bathroom is well versed in the relationship between brand, ecology and quality. By shaping the brand image, it can have emotional resonance with consumers, and also allow consumers' needs to be quickly transmitted to the production process, helping companies to improve quality more accurately. The ecological development of enterprises is conducive to the improvement of consumers' overall lives and reduces unnecessary extra expenditures for consumers in terms of energy conservation.

In terms of branding, Faucet Sanitary Ware has made a lot of efforts and reforms. They sponsored the Chinese women's volleyball team, actively participated in various charity activities with the women's volleyball team, combined with the appearance of major national brands, as the endorsement of the brand, and held the Academy Award to carry out campus marketing. At the same time, they have increased their investment in platforms for young people such as Shuangweiyisha and Xiaohongshu, planning activities and topics that young people love, forming immersive experiences and deep interactions, achieving deep integration between online and offline, and establishing a good relationship among young people. The brand impression of the brand, and a large number of young consumers’ suggestions have been drawn, which provides a favorable direction for quality and function to a new level.

Faucet sanitary ware provides support to major global customers with excellent product quality and strong large-scale product delivery and service capabilities. It has successively won the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, 2019 Beijing Expo, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xiongan New Area, and Winter Olympics. Recognized by Zhangjiakou competition area and many other iconic projects. During the epidemic, the faucet and bathroom products were once again sent to Leishenshan to support construction, and successively entered the hospital epidemic prevention projects in Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shenyang, Tangshan and other cities across the country. Responsibility of big country brands.


Recently, the "Hua Teng Cup" 2021 list was announced. The faucet sanitary ware stood out from more than 100 sanitary ware brands and won the heavyweight award of "2021 Sanitary Ware Influence Top Ten Brands". Faucet Sanitary Ware won the "2021 Top Ten Influential Brands of Sanitary Ware" award, which is not only the consumer's recognition of sanitary ware brands, but also the trust in quality, and it is the best feedback from the market.

Quality improvement also requires ecological blessing. On August 30, Faucet Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. acquired LA'BOBO with 130 million yuan in currency funds. This ceramic tile manufacturer has been practicing the production concepts and practices of green environmental protection, sustainable development, energy saving and emission reduction. With the collaboration of listed companies on the A-share main board, this concept can be further deepened and developed more robustly, which will serve consumers and the market. Provide more cost-effective and high-quality products.

As a comprehensive sanitary ware enterprise integrating sanitary product design, R&D, production, sales and after-sales, faucet sanitary ware has developed for 39 years, relying on continuous innovative business models, bold application of advanced scientific and technological achievements, successful brand marketing strategies, and leading The ecological development concept of the company has embarked on a "integrated, intelligent and ecological" modern enterprise development path, which has attracted the attention of the world and added a strong touch to the construction of a quality country.