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Sanitary ware manufacturer: intelligent sanitary ware branch of China Ceramic Industry Association was established

Posted on April 01 2022

July 10, 2021 is an extraordinary day for Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers and the whole ceramic sanitary ware industry. The Establishment Ceremony of intelligent bathroom branch of China Ceramic Industry Association was held in Guangzhou Shangri La Hotel.

Leaders of China Ceramic Industry Association attended and delivered a speech. At the venue, relevant principals from intelligent sanitary ware manufacturers and industry authorities from all provinces and cities across the country attended.

Fu Weijie, President of the association, said that the establishment of the intelligent bathroom branch of the China Ceramic Association originated from the event that many people traveled to Japan this Spring Festival and madly purchased Japanese intelligent toilet covers. This matter has aroused heated discussion in the domestic sanitary ware industry.

First, the most enthusiastic response appeared in Foshan. Industry insiders discussed together to establish a sub association to promote the development of intelligent sanitary ware more systematically and comprehensively.

Soon, China Ceramic Association convened a joint meeting of five associations, including China home appliance Association, China Electronics Association, China Hardware Association and China Interior Decoration Association, which explained in detail the necessity of establishing an intelligent bathroom branch, and informed China Ceramic Association of the establishment of an intelligent bathroom branch. Huang Xinhong was entrusted by China Ceramic Association, Visited relevant enterprises in various production areas across the country to solicit opinions, and finally formed a specific plan for the establishment of intelligent bathroom branch. After that, he returned to a number of enterprises for advice. The final plan was completed in May.

On June 4, the preparatory meeting of intelligent bathroom branch of China Ceramic Industry Association was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, the candidate list and drafting of articles of Association for the selection of president, vice president and secretary general were discussed.

Then, the sales director of the sanitary ware manufacturer came to the stage and read out the "decision on hiring Jin Jianguo as the honorary president"; Huang Xinhong read out the decision on establishing the expert advisory committee of the intelligent branch of China Ceramic Industry Association. The intelligent sanitary ware branch of China Ceramic Association has also set up an expert advisory committee. The director is the vice president of Jiumu kitchen and bathroom Co., Ltd. and the sales director of bathroom manufacturers. Members (in no order below) include Zhang Yongnong, senior researcher of the Central Party school, Jin Jianguo, chairman of Zhejiang Weiwei electronic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Han Jun, executive director of Wenwen Consulting Group, Tang Ren, President of China home e-commerce network, Lin Shan, managing director of Kemu kitchen and bathroom Co., Ltd., Lin Jin, general manager of Yongrun kitchen and Bathroom Design Co., Ltd., ye Minggui, strategic director of Taiwan Ogilvy group Xiang Ligang, President of feixiang.com, Liu Rongzhen, assistant to the chairman of leiberton Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. and Liu Weiyi, chairman of zhongjie.com.   

Lin Xiaofa, the newly elected president of intelligent bathroom branch and President of Jiumu kitchen and bathroom Co., Ltd., was unable to attend the meeting, so he delivered a speech by telephone. Lin Xiaofa said that in the future, he will lead the leading group of the association to actively research and develop, promote each other and coordinate development, carry out the work of the association as soon as possible and jointly expand the market.

Then, the new leadership of the branch secretariat appeared and introduced the ideas for the next stage of work.

Subsequently, the sales director of the sanitary ware manufacturer who was newly elected as the director of the expert advisory committee was a famous professional manager in China, a marketing practice expert and a pioneer in integrated marketing communication in China; He once won the honorary status of "the most respected enterprise marketing expert" and "China outstanding marketing Award", and made a keynote speech on the development trend of intelligent sanitary ware.

He said that the future trend will be intelligent cities, smart phones are no longer favored alone, and new hot spots appear frequently. The era of all intelligent devices breeds greater opportunities. The Internet of things economy with intelligent hardware, smart home and Internet as the core has become the latest round of hot spots. Cisco expects the economic output value of the Internet of things to reach US $19 trillion in the next decade. In addition, he stressed that mastering users is mastering the future, and marketing generated by data is the future model.

After the meeting, the first president meeting of the first session of the intelligent sanitary branch was held. The newly elected honorary president, President, vice president, secretary general, deputy secretary general, executive secretary general and members of the expert advisory committee participated in the meeting and jointly studied the recent work of the branch.

         The person in charge of YOROOW sanitary faucet manufacturer said: China's sanitary industry needs to inject a more advanced and systematic enterprise operation concept. It needs an authoritative organization to lead the development of the industry and promote the communication between sanitary manufacturers. Therefore, the establishment of this Chinese sanitary branch is very necessary for our sanitary manufacturers.

LAN Weibing, director of Foshan Office of China Ceramic Industry Association, also attended the above activities. Sina Guangdong ceramics channel, China Ceramics network, China ceramics home network, ceramics information, China Ceramics news network, Foshan ceramics network, etc. also sent reporters to attend the inaugural meeting.