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Sanitary ware manufacturers brand exports mainly go high-end routes

Posted on April 02 2022

China is the world's largest exporter of sanitary ware. Sanitary ware manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Kaiping, Foshan, Nanan, Fujian and other regions. The export volume of manufacturers in this area accounts for more than 70% of China's total exports of sanitary ware. The export areas are mainly Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

From historical experience, anti-dumping and technical trade measures are the main factors affecting China's bathroom exports. In addition, the continued appreciation of the RMB has weakened the competitiveness of China's bathroom exports to a certain extent. Since September 2012, the European Union has imposed a punitive tariff of 69.70% on most of our exported sanitary wares, and imposed import duties of 26.30% to 36.50% on the exports of a few well-known sanitary brands; in 2012, Colombia and Thailand respectively issued sanitary wares Technical specifications or standards to raise the industry threshold for bathroom imports. Affected by the anti-dumping actions of the European Union and the rest of the world, and the appreciation of the RMB, in 2012, China ’s bathroom exports were about 1.086 billion square meters, and the export value was about 5.784 billion US dollars, which increased by about 7.00% and 21.36% year-on-year, respectively. .

In summary, since 2012, due to the impact of EU anti-dumping measures, the growth rate of China ’s sanitary bathroom exports has slowed down. In the long run, the expansion of the scope of anti-dumping and the acceleration of the RMB appreciation process will weaken the competitiveness of China ’s sanitary bathroom exports.

In 2013, with the formulation and release of new standards for the bathroom industry, the process of bathroom modernization was greatly accelerated. At the same time, research, development, and application of new products around the entire sanitary industry around energy conservation and environmental protection issues will appear in large numbers. Occupational health, safety production, and social responsibility requirements will force bathroom manufacturers to further increase investment.

On the one hand, the rising production cost of domestic sanitary wares, and on the other hand, the intensification of competition from international sanitary ware manufacturers. The high-end line with higher profits is the only way for sanitary ware manufacturers to compete.