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Sanitary ware manufacturers investment: Jiumu sanitary ware brand joining policy

Posted on April 02 2022

branded advantages

In 2007, won the title of "Most Influential Innovative Enterprise in Chinese Ceramic Power Ranking" 排

In 2006, Jiumu sanitary ware brand products won the "Product Quality Award"

2005 "JOMOO Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand" sanitary ware was awarded the title of "Chinese Famous Brand Product"

2005 "JOMOO Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand" was identified as "China Famous Trademark"

2004 "Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand Light Industry Group Co., Ltd." was formally promoted to "Jiu Mu Sanitary Ware Brand Group Co., Ltd."

2004 "JOMOO Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand" won the "Fujian Famous Trademark"

2004 "JOMOO Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand" won the "well-known brand in China's sanitary products industry"

2002 "Fujian Customer Satisfied Product" by Fujian Quality Association

2002 "Quanzhou Chuangming Brand Advanced Enterprise" by the People's Government of Quanzhou

Joining advantage

1. Brand strength advantage:

In recent years, the company has vigorously implemented its brand strategy, launched a brand new VI image and brand image spokesperson, and quickly entered the ranks of well-known domestic brands with strong brand advantages.

2. Simple advantages of starting a business:

Integrate various marketing resources and channel construction, comprehensively guide the selection of specialty stores, analyze on-site analysis of the value of the business district and stores, and decoration and other guidelines before opening the store.

3. Sales market advantages:

There are nearly 10,000 sales outlets in China mainland, including flagship stores, brand stores, and special zones. The products are sold in more than 20 countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the European Union.

4. R & D advantages:

A strong R & D system guarantees the continuous innovation of Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand Group. Jiumu Sanitary and Bathroom Brand Group Testing Center is one of the most authoritative experimental testing institutions in the country.

5. Product variety advantages:

The products include 7 series of hardware faucets, overall showers, kitchen and bathroom furniture, more than 10 categories, and more than 1,500 specifications, which can meet the needs of civilian and commercial customers at different levels and different needs.

Join conditions:

1. The cooperating party shall provide a franchise store or counter near the street or international brand, with an area of ​​60 square meters or more. After confirmation by the Group, it can be used as a venue for the cooperative business of the two parties. Zh

2. Partner must have good modern communication tools-telephone, fax machine, computer, etc.

Joining requirements:

1. Fill out the distributor / agent application form to stay at the company headquarters; use the form "Authorized Dealer Application Form";

2. Provide relevant information (original and copy of ID card, store drawings, copy of business license, etc.);

3. The group headquarters approves and confirms, and the two parties sign a regional distribution / agent agreement;

5. The customer pays the first rated purchase price or the exclusive agency credit deposit;

6. The factory provides relevant sales support policies and advertising materials;

7. After the customer's first purchase transaction is completed, the distribution / agent cooperation between the two parties is deemed to be legalized and normal operation and an authorization letter is issued.

Affiliate policy:

1. The store decoration subsidy is completed in two phases, and each period will return 50% of the total approved decoration subsidy. Zh

2. The first period of subsidy will be paid for 50% of the total approved renovation subsidy the next month after the completion of the renovation.

3. The second phase of subsidy will be given to the remaining 50% of the total amount of the approved subsidy in the following month after the franchise store has opened 12 months (the second acceptance is qualified).

Joining process:

1. Read the company's investment information in detail, and ask for it from our company staff to determine the intention of joining and negotiate;

2. Fill in the agent application form, relevant capital certificate, business license, copy of tax certificate, store operation plan, and brand operation plan to the company;

3. The company comprehensively evaluates the franchise store's management and bank, and submits it to the company headquarters for review and approval after passing the test;

4. Sign the formal agency contract and pay the relevant fees after the company's headquarters has passed the approval of the intended franchisee.

5. The company's headquarters will carry out decoration design on the franchised stores and send decoration companies to carry out decoration, and determine the opening date;

6. The company's headquarters formulates advertising plans, conducts preliminary selection of personnel, advertising, produces advertising specials, and distributes goods;

7. The company's headquarters sends staff to provide professional training for franchisee stores;

8. After entering the terminal market operation stage, the company regularly guides operations.

1. Store evaluation

The company will send professionals to conduct on-site inspections and conduct site assessments in order to minimize the investment risk of dealers. Zh

2. Decoration design

The company can provide free decoration design according to the different store conditions in various places. When opening, it can send staff to the venue to maintain a unified and standardized image of all specialty stores. Zh

3. Goods matching

The company can be responsible for the first batch of distribution for each dealer, providing a multi-series, multi-functional product portfolio, and regularly launch new models, maintaining a leading position in fashion, highlighting the brand advantage. Zh

4. Marketing planning

The company plans opening publicity and launches several national large-scale marketing activities every year to stimulate sales. Zh


The company gives corresponding advertising promotion support based on sales. In accordance with the new products, regularly launch albums, promotional leaflets, POP posters and promotional gifts. Zh

6. Business training

The company will provide meticulous and effective pre-training, which can make you handy in future operations and become an elite in retail and marketing.

About Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand Group Co., Ltd.

Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. It is a large comprehensive sanitary ware leader integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Jiumu Bathroom Brand Group has an area of ​​more than 2,000 acres, has 7 subsidiaries, 4 business divisions, and employs more than 8,500 people. A strong R & D system guarantees the continuous innovation of Jiumu Bathroom Brand Group. Jiumu Sanitary and Bathroom Brand Group Testing Center is the first testing center in the industry that has passed the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) qualification and has passed the Canadian CSA Laboratory Qualification Accreditation. The group has nearly 400 technical patents and a rich product system, which promotes the continuous development and growth of Jiumu Bathroom Brand Group. Products include hardware faucets, sanitary ceramics, overall showers, kitchen and bathroom furniture, kitchen and bathroom hardware, 7 series, more than 10 categories, and more than 1,500 specifications, which can meet different levels and different needs of civilian and commercial customers.

After years of expansion, the Group has established a relatively complete and high-quality marketing service network worldwide. In mainland China, it has nearly 10,000 sales outlets including flagship stores, brand specialty stores, and special train zones. It has also successfully opened international 4S specialty stores in overseas markets such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. And regions. Sharing the Jiumu Sanitary Ware brand and sharing the future together, Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand Group will continue to improve its business capabilities, establish its own intellectual property technology advantages, and continue to maintain its leading position in the industry. In order to achieve the vision of “providing first-class kitchen and bathroom solutions and creating world-renowned brands,” Jiumu Sanitary Ware Brand Group will continue to make unremitting efforts!