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Shenluda bathroom brand investment policy

Posted on April 02 2022

Shenluda bathroom brand joining advantages
1, Forward-looking brand development plan
2. Comprehensive multi-channel brand promotion 3. Comprehensive media advertising investment
4. Systematic operation management training 5. Stable and abundant supply support
6. Classic designers devote themselves to designing 7. Ensure the customers' profits are maximized
Shenluda bathroom brand join support
1. Brand authorization and use:
Franchise franchisees will obtain the "Shenluda Sanitary Ware Brand" and "Te Tao" brand franchise rights, and use the company's comprehensive promotion to enhance the influence and appeal of the shop.
2. Strict market area protection:
Shenshen Luda Sanitary Ware Brand Group provides franchisees with regional market protection to ensure franchisees' operating rights in the region.
3. Intensive promotion support:
★ Develop intensive and continuous advertising for the national market, and plan to invite image spokespersons.
★ TV media advertising: CCTV 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 sets, local TV and other national media, local powerful media, and local television stations.
★ Newspaper media advertising: well-known national media and local mainstream media. More than 50 medias have been launched at the same time.
★ Online Media Advertising: More than 15 well-known websites in the country advertise simultaneously.
★ The company uniformly plans and organizes brand promotion activities and assists the implementation of regional markets.
4. Store evaluation and brand image:
Shenluda Bathroom Brand Group provides franchise franchisees with professional assessment and evaluation of business locations, and provides standard store design and decoration solutions to form a unified terminal brand image.
5. Business coaching training:
Shenluda Sanitary Ware Brand Group provides franchisees with comprehensive shopping guides, sales, services, and internal staff training.
6. Strengthen store management and operation support:
Weishen Luda Sanitary Ware Brand Group provides the franchisee with advanced store management system model and market operation strategy support.
7. Strong product development and production guarantee:
Yushen Luda Sanitary Ware Brand Group has a large-scale automated production line factory, and cooperates with large-scale outsourced supporting manufacturers. It is strictly supervised by professional design and development personnel and quality inspectors. First-class product designers and more than 2,000 skilled workers create brand boutiques.
8. Special fund support:
-★ Fully free support to provide business terminal posters, flags, picture albums, DM, promotional cards, cards, etc .;
-★ Reduce customer investment, partly undertake business terminal image rack, indoor and outdoor image printing;
-★ Promote operations, supported by the decoration fund of "Shenluda Bathroom Brand" and "Tetao" brand standard image shop.

Company Profile

Weishen Luda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It has more than 30 years of experience in the production of sanitary equipment and is committed to creating more sophisticated and comfortable sanitary products, providing environmentally friendly, energy-saving and humanized kitchen and bathroom experiences for families around the world.
Rooted in China, global perspective
As the flagship brand of the national sanitary industry, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand has always taken the mission of leading the development of national sanitary ware enterprises, the goal of revitalizing the national sanitary ware industry, and the pursuit of enriching the national sanitary ware culture, exploring a development path of sanitary ware enterprises with Chinese national characteristics. For more than 30 years, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand has always adhered to the roots of national culture and interpreted the profound and profound Chinese culture from the aspects of corporate culture, product design, and technological innovation. At the same time, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand also looks at the world and writes the legend of "the first national brand of sanitary ware" with a global perspective. At present, the Shenluda bathroom brand marketing network has basically covered various regions in China, and has established a relatively complete sales network in Southeast Asia. In addition, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand also cooperates with well-known design companies in Italy, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries and regions to learn from the world's sanitary wares and create a world-class national sanitary ware brand.
Independent innovation, leading technology
Shenluda sanitary ware brand adheres to market-oriented and takes the industry's change as its responsibility, and continuously develops, reforms, and deepens the production technology of sanitary ware products. The accumulated research and development technology for many years has made Shenluda bathroom brand embark on the road of independent innovation of national enterprises. In the 1980s, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand took the lead in developing ceramic chip sealed water nozzles, triggering a new wave of replacement of traditional faucets. In 2003, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand successfully developed a self-controlled gravity casting machine and a self-controlled dual-cavity frequency conversion induction electric furnace, filling domestic technical gaps. ; In 2007, the company began to develop “NC constant temperature water nozzle”. After less than two years, the company standard “Touch Digital Display Temperature Control Water Nozzle” developed by Shenluda Sanitary Ware in August 2009 became a national standard, marking The technology of Shenluda sanitary ware brand has reached the international leading level. Today, in the spirit of advancing with the times, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand is fully engaged in the construction of an intelligent sanitary ware system. In the future, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand will also actively promote the development of the sanitary ware industry to the integration of kitchen and bathroom, and the integration of optoelectronics, helping to promote the transformation of the global sanitary ware industry.
Keep improving, create excellent products
Based on the corporate philosophy of "quality first, service first", Shenluda Sanitary Ware brand has created every product with its "excellence" attitude, and regards each product as the perfect handicraft. The world's leading sanitary product testing technology and R & D laboratory are in line with international standards; design teams from Germany, Italy, Malaysia and other countries lead the trend; strictly controlled production processes and product inspections are meticulous. Starting from a small faucet, it is precisely with a rigorous and serious attitude that the Shenluda sanitary ware brand has developed into a product line covering CNC thermostatic nozzles, ceramic sheet sealed nozzles, electronic induction sanitary ware, sanitary ceramics, smart toilets, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms And more than 100 series of kitchen and bathroom integrated brand suppliers. In addition, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand also participated in the drafting and review of more than thirty standards such as GB / T24293-2009 "NC constant temperature water nozzle" and GB18145-2003 "Ceramic sheet sealed water nozzle".
Do it yourself, national welfare
As a leading brand in China's sanitary industry, Shenluda sanitary ware brand has taken corporate social responsibility as an important part of its development strategy since its inception, emphasizing the organic combination of core business, corporate culture and social responsibility. In the development course of more than 30 years, Shenluda sanitary ware brand has continuously advocated the concept of "environmental protection and energy saving" to promote people's awareness of water saving. In 2010, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand took the lead in establishing the first national museum in the industry, the "Chinese Faucet Museum", which will fuse 7000 years of water culture in China, the history of faucet development, and common sense of water-saving water. Water conservation awareness provides fresh educational themes. In addition, the Shenluda sanitary ware brand has also carried out public welfare activities for many times and actively participated in social welfare activities. As a corporate citizen, it can do its best to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.