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Should the faucet be inserted into the wall? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the wall-mounted faucet?

Posted on September 23 2022

What is the most important home improvement? What should you spend the most money on? The answer must be hardware materials, such as water pipes, faucets, wires, pipes, etc. If you can buy the best ones, you can buy the best ones. After all, it is really troublesome to start construction later. On the contrary, what curtains, tablecloths, etc. can be saved.

Today, I mainly talk about one thing about the faucet: should the faucet go into the wall? It looks good into the wall, and there is no sanitary dead corner, but if it breaks down in the later stage, you have to smash the wall? ! Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of under-the-wall faucets.

Advantages of wall-mounted faucets

  1. Beauty

That's right, the appearance of the in-wall faucet is unmatched by ordinary faucets. Now the home decoration is different from before. I used to hope that life could be convenient and practical, but now I hope that the appearance value is online, after all, the aesthetics are getting higher and higher.

  1. Convenience

Wall-mounted faucets do not leave dead spots for hygiene. Like ordinary faucets, a lot of stains will accumulate around them after a long time. Some of the glue turns yellow and black, which makes you doubt your life when you wipe it. However, in-wall faucets are not at all. Except for their high appearance, they will not leave dead ends. This benefit alone has captured the hearts of many people. After all, housework is not what everyone wants to do.

  1. Save space

Just by looking at this faucet, we know that the countertop can be maximized without taking up too much space! But in-wall faucets have several major drawbacks.

Disadvantages of wall-mounted faucets

  1. High cost

Compared with traditional faucets, wall-mounted faucets are more than three or five times more expensive. As the saying goes, an in-wall faucet is so expensive that the average family may not be able to afford it. After all, the kitchen, bathroom, and balcony are really expensive. In addition, the installation cost of workers is also very high. After all, it needs to be professional. There may be different requirements in some places, and some are not included, but no matter whether it is or not, the cost of in-wall faucets is several times that of traditional faucets.

  1. Post-maintenance is difficult

The installation of in-wall faucets requires professional process installation by professional masters. Once problems occur in the later stage, maintenance is also quite troublesome. More importantly, the cost is also not low, that is to say, these beauties need to pay a corresponding price. So by virtue of this alone, it scare away a lot of people.

So, use it at your own discretion. After all, there is no perfect thing. For ordinary families, it is recommended to buy some better materials and install them in general. Of course, families who pursue texture can really choose this, after all, the appearance is really high!