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Teach you how to simply identify the faucet quality

Posted on April 01 2022

Walking into the building materials City, all kinds of light-sensitive faucets can be said to be "gradually charming eyes". Most ordinary consumers are not experts in this field. It's not easy to suddenly pick out suitable ones for their families from this huge "leading array". According to the needs of consumers, yoroow youlaite summarizes the following purchase principles. As long as you master the following principles, you can basically buy a leader suitable for you:

At present, most families have installed water heaters, so the cold and hot water mixing faucet is more practical. Generally, the appearance of water mixing faucet is chrome plating, but also chrome plating with gold and white porcelain. At present, the most popular is chromium alloy, but the price is also high.

1、 The appearance of the faucet is basic

When selecting, the qualified standard is bright, no bubbles, no defects and no scratches. Ordinary faucets have only more than 10 micron coatings for rust prevention, beauty and guaranteed service life. Some experts revealed that when selecting, press the faucet surface with your fingers, and the fingerprints will soon disperse, indicating that the coating is good; The more prints, the more flowers, the worse. After the appearance is selected, try the handle of the faucet and whether the switch is smooth. The large range of up, down, left and right switches can stably adjust the water temperature. Generally, it is best to reach 30 degrees up and 90 degrees around. But one thing to note, light faucet does not mean good hand feeling.

2、 Selection of faucet style

At present, the faucets on the market are generally divided into two styles, namely, single handle faucet and double handle faucet. The single handle faucet only uses one hole, while the double handle faucet can also be divided into four inch hole and eight inch hole, which can be determined according to the style of the basin.

Basin faucet and kitchen faucet are generally installed on the table, so its water inlet pipe can be hard pipe and hose, and the length is generally about 35 cm. In order to facilitate connection, a valve must be installed at the connection between domestic water pipe and faucet water inlet pipe. This valve is called triangle valve. Don't forget to match it together when buying faucet, Otherwise, you have to run again, and the triangular valve has different sizes, which should be determined according to the size of the faucet inlet pipe you buy, generally 3 points and 4 points. In addition, it should be noted that when installing the triangular valve, do not install it too low, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the insufficient length of the water inlet pipe of the faucet. Generally, it can be installed about 50 to 60 cm from the ground.

In addition, when buying a faucet, you must not forget to count the spare parts, otherwise it will be more troublesome if you can't take it back and install it. The accessories of general basin faucet mainly include water remover, lifting rod, faucet fixing bolt, fixed copper sheet and gasket; Bathtub faucet also has shower, two water inlet hoses, supports and other standard accessories. The mixing faucets produced by regular enterprises have installation dimension drawings and operation instructions when leaving the factory, which should be paid attention to when selecting. Imported products should be more careful.

3、 Faucet material is the key

After the style is selected, we should also understand the manufacturing materials of the faucet. At present, most of the built-in valve elements of the faucet on the market use steel ball valves and ceramic valves. The steel ball valve has become the leader of the new generation of valve elements with its solid and durable steel ball body and tenacious pressure resistance. The disadvantage is that the rubber ring for sealing is easy to wear out and will soon age. The ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, and the faucet with ceramic valve core can feel more comfortable and smooth. The faucet is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel has acid and alkali resistance and does not release harmful substances.

The high-grade faucet design of yoroow Youlai has perfect structure and integrates the humanized design concept. Intelligent human-oriented console control makes it more convenient to store water. The humanized overflow hole design eliminates the worry of "water overflowing the Golden Mountain". At the same time, it adopts advanced demagnetization art technology, non stick oil, beautiful, generous, economical and practical, and takes good care of your family's health! It must be your best choice!

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