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Technical advantages of YOROOW sanitary faucet

Posted on April 01 2022

Technical advantages of YOROOW sanitary faucet

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Technical advantages

China's leading manufacturers of water faucet YOROOW bathroom using the most advanced gravity casting process, durable, product lead content below the national standard GB / T1176 lead, away from harmful metal elements to protect human health.

YOROOW faucet manufacturers using special equipment processing, processing technology standards, high precision. After assembly of the components of the product with good performance, it is not easy to appear quality problems, so that users use more assured.

Material advantage

China faucet manufacturer YOROOW bathroom to perfect the internal procurement system, careful selection, strict control, to provide high-quality copper, zinc alloy shell, faucet, valve is copper, actinides or plastics. According to the different needs of customers choose different materials.

The material of the faucet of washing machine is more with copper or zinc alloy is given priority to, the surface is treated through the chrome plating layer of faucet manufacturer, the wall is thicker bibcock, not only look have sense, and the coating is firm and delicate, do not fall off easily.

Tap parts will also affect the quality of products, the washing machine Chinese faucet manufacturer with a rubber seal ring, copper shell ceramics, the processing precision is high, the service life of the faucet with long, not easy to Water Leakage.

The surface of each product flashing China faucet manufacturers perfect electroplating, follow the best process, can prevent dust and pollution, do not fade handle with physical engineering technology, more in line with the hand, high quality valve used for many years is smooth as in water, 90 degree rotation angle makes the opening and closing operation adjustment process smooth, comfortable.