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The products of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers account for the largest share in the world

Posted on April 01 2022

In the process of China's integration into the global economic environment, its economic strength has risen rapidly, and China has become one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world. With a large number of construction and improvement of China's economic infrastructure and gradual maturity of industrial development, China has an obvious advantage of low labor cost. China's bathroom hardware has made full use of this advantage and gradually become the largest bathroom hardware production country in the world.

The strengthening of the central position is first reflected in the overall growth of the export of sanitary ware manufacturers in recent years. The export growth rate of the products of the main sanitary ware manufacturers is higher than the growth rate of output, and higher than the growth rate of sales volume in the domestic market; The products of major sanitary ware manufacturers are in full bloom. Not only the traditional export categories such as electric tools, hand tools and building hardware products have a high growth rate, but also the export growth rate of kitchen electric products and faucet products with small export proportion in the past is also very obvious in 2004. The huge market and central position will further attract the transfer of manufacturing centers of multinational hardware manufacturers to China.

Sanitary ware manufacturers face transformation challenges due to rapid export growth

In the past, the export of sanitary ware manufacturers in China maintained an average growth rate of about 8% every year. Statistics in 2012 showed that the export quota of sanitary ware manufacturers exceeded US $5 billion for the first time, ranking the third in the export of light industry. It is expected that sanitary ware manufacturers will achieve steady and rapid growth at the rate of 10% in the next few years, among which sanitary ware molds have achieved an annual growth rate of 15% ~ 20%, China has gradually become an export country integrating the production and processing of the world's leading bathroom faucets, and has successfully squeezed into one of the world's leading faucet producers.

At present, at least 70% of China's sanitary ware manufacturers are private enterprises, which is the main force in the development of sanitary ware manufacturers. China has gradually become the world's largest hardware processing country and faucet export country, and has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of sanitary hardware faucets, with broad market and consumption potential. It is reported that the production and sales volume of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers has ranked first in the world. It is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of sanitary ware manufacturers in the world. In the past, rapid development was a way of pursuing quantity and speed. With the adjustment of domestic economic structure, the increase of various costs and the crisis of international market economy, the export situation will not be optimistic. Many sanitary ware manufacturers and export enterprises will face the export mode of declining profits and upgrading.

Industrial advantages of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers

Speaking of the origin distribution of China's sanitary ware manufacturers, most people prefer Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong. After decades of operation, the faucet industry in Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangdong has become more and more mature, and has become the main origin of China's faucet industry. Guangdong mainly produces faucets, valves, water tank accessories, induction sanitary ware, bathroom cabinets, leisure sanitary ware and ceramic sanitary ware. Guangdong is the province with the most perfect industrial chain, the most enterprises and the most famous brands in China.

It is reported that there are nearly 500 sanitary ware manufacturers in Shuikou Town, Kaiping, with more than 30000 employees. The domestic market share of products reaches more than 40%, and the export volume increases at a rate of 20% every year. Chaozhou mainly produces ceramic sanitary ware. There are more than 800 ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers, accounting for half of the country's output and large export volume. It has also become an OEM Distribution Center for many domestic brands. At present, it is the most dynamic and potential faucet production base in China. Foshan mainly produces bathroom furniture, faucet, hardware pendant, stainless steel sink, shower room, ceramic sanitary ware, etc. It is conservatively estimated that there are no less than 3000 manufacturers in Foshan.

At present, the sales output value of faucets in Fujian has leapt to the first in China. According to statistics, among the top 30 export sources of sanitary ware and sanitary ware in 2011, Haixi sanitary ware base dominated by Fujian occupied 20 seats. Fujian sanitary ware manufacturers have occupied 70% of the national market share, and there are 31 manufacturers above designated size.

Nan'an plumbing and hardware sanitary ware in Fujian Province, with Luncang town and Yingdu town of Nan'an City as the center, and Xiamen sanitary kitchen industry with Xiamen Luda and gold medal cabinet as the core. Nan'an has become a brand gathering place leading China's plumbing faucets, covering hundreds of thousands of building materials and plumbing sales throughout the country, and has created a miracle of "without Nan'an people, the water supply of the faucets in the country will be cut off".

In particular, the output value of Fujian faucet manufacturers centered on Nan'an exceeded 25 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 25% in 2012, and the total output value ranked first in China. Nanan sanitary ware manufacturers all over the country have nearly 400000 sales personnel. They not only sell products produced in Fujian, but also control the sales of faucet products in other parts of the country, with a total annual sales volume of nearly 400 billion yuan.

The market development of sanitary ware manufacturers will be strong in the future

At present, a large number of sanitary ware manufacturers all over the country have joined the competition in the domestic brand sanitary ware hardware market through transformation and upgrading. Thanks to the hot sales in the real estate market in recent years, the market demand of sanitary ware manufacturers is strong, and the pressure faced by manufacturers' transformation and market development is relatively small. New sanitary ware hardware brands have emerged intensively, increasing the market expansion one after another.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's real estate market, it has brought huge business opportunities to domestic sanitary ware manufacturers, and also opened the prelude to the market brand war of domestic sanitary ware manufacturers. Strong export-oriented sanitary ware manufacturers and a large number of small and medium-sized sanitary ware manufacturers, including the original brand sanitary ware manufacturers relying on the domestic sanitary ware market, have accelerated the development plan of the domestic brand sanitary ware hardware market, which has the momentum of various princes competing for the Central Plains.