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Three points for brand building of sanitary ware manufacturers

Posted on April 01 2022

In the era of brand consumption, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Strengthening brand construction and building core competitiveness have become the key for sanitary ware manufacturers to seize market share. Brand building is a gradual process, which can not be accumulated in a short time. However, many sanitary faucet manufacturers are not aware of this, but blindly place their hopes on other things and try to catch the "express" of brand construction. In fact, the so-called "express" is no different from the heresy, or can cause a temporary sensation, but it is extremely unfavorable to the long-term development of manufacturers.

Mainly product quality, supplemented by celebrity endorsement

What does product fame depend on? First, quality, second, price and third, service. With these three points, it is not difficult for any manufacturer to make its products famous and profitable. However, it is a pity that some sanitary ware manufacturers have not fully realized this. Their efforts are not on how to improve product quality, reduce production costs and improve service attitude. Instead, they take a left-handed approach, send "fame" to "celebrities", and do not hesitate to pay a lot of money to ask stars in the cultural, press and sports circles to recommend or prove the quality of goods, In this way, our own manufacturers and products can become famous at home and abroad. However, the product can not become famous by adhering to the "fame" of celebrities. Celebrity advertising is rampant. A celebrity is advertising a variety of products at the same time. Its credibility is questionable, and rational consumers will treat it carefully.

Let more authoritative organizations evaluate products and less participate in selection activities

Some sanitary ware manufacturers happily spend money to participate in various brand selection activities in the society. They mistakenly think that they will really become a brand after they have won the titles of "brand" issued by some institutions. In fact, with the continuous development of the market economy, only the market and consumers are the authority to judge the quality of products. Without strict manufacturer management, high-quality products and perfect services, consumers will not recognize the "brand" evaluated by spending money alone.

Cost performance is the last word

In some people's opinion, only when the grade is high and the price is high, can it be called a brand. Therefore, many sanitary ware manufacturers are good at making articles in the pursuit of commodity prices and grades, and some even substitute names for reality and raise prices by relying on names. However, it is regrettable that many of these painstaking products are frightening, deterring and far away from many consumers because of the high price. In fact, the brand is not necessarily high-end and high price. It is also loved by the majority of consumers and can also become a powerful brand. It should be noted that China's consumption structure is like a pyramid, and the majority of low - and middle-income consumers are the tower base of this pyramid. If many bathroom brand manufacturers ignore the tower, there is only the spire in their eyes, and they can't even maintain the basic market share, let alone create brands and guarantee brands.

Brand building is like driving, safety first. What's the point of being fast if you even catch your life? Facing today's market, sanitary ware manufacturers can develop smoothly only by changing their ideas and going out of the minefield.