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UAE bathroom brand market has great potential for development

Posted on April 02 2022

The so-called troubled world is a hero. At present, the scattered situation of the UAE sanitary brand market has created an excellent opportunity for foreign sanitary brand manufacturers, which can show their strengths in the UAE sanitary brand market. Because there are almost no sanitary brand manufacturers in the UAE, and the market product sources are too extensive, it is difficult for local authorities to supervise them. Therefore, the UAE hopes to form a dominant situation for a manufacturer in its domestic market, so the energy and time they devote to the market will naturally be great. cut back. Therefore, China's sanitary brand manufacturers can seize their market demand and build a large-scale group in the UAE market. With the support of the UAE government, their market expansion will become very smooth.

The actual situation of the UAE sanitary brand market

At present, the UAE sanitary brand market mainly has the following characteristics. First, the sanitary brand product type is too single. Although there are many international sanitary brand manufacturers entering the local market, these manufacturers have a large similarity in various products. Because the international market also follows the trend, for this reason this trend has created a certain type of product base is too large, while other products are too small. Changing the situation requires the market to adjust, but if the market lacks strong manufacturers, the adjustment cannot be completed because the market is too fragmented, making it difficult for any few manufacturers to control the market.

Second, the UAE ’s sanitary brand market ’s store operation model is extremely fragmented. Because the Middle East market is an international emerging market, it has attracted sanitary brand manufacturers in many countries. The manufacturers that open branches here are naturally assorted. Some are very small and some are relatively small. Large, small and large stores together naturally require considerable effort from local regulatory authorities. At present, the relevant departments of the UAE have also publicly expressed their hope that the domestic bathroom brand market can undergo new changes, showing the situation of several foreign bathroom brand manufacturers occupying the market, and hope that all stores can be integrated in terms of scale, so that the market can be more standardized and simplified. .

Establish large shopping malls to seize market opportunities

If a large shopping mall is set up in the UAE, even if it is not a direct sanitary brand sales manufacturer, it can obtain huge benefits. The shopping mall can make the store more standardized and regulate the shops through the shopping mall mechanism. This is extremely convenient for the supervision of the relevant UAE departments and for local For consumers, they also have great convenience in shopping. At the same time, a corresponding online platform can also be established. Once the platform can gain popularity in the UAE, it will inevitably become the target of the local bathroom brand merchants.