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Use and maintenance of faucet manufacturers in china

Posted on April 01 2022

As China's bathroom faucet manufacturers, YOROOW bathroom quality product quality and user-friendly design and exquisite manufacturing technology, focusing on the performance and user experience of the first combination of excellent faucet products.

Faucet material: refined copper casting

Washing machine faucet color: bright chrome, multi-layer plating, mirror effect

Faucet Description: the whole core shaft of the washing machine is integrated, Spool with a special non-metallic ceramic materials, it reaction to water and temperature sensitivity is small, anti-aging, wear-resistant, use for many years without dripping.

Use and maintenance of faucet manufacturers in china:

1 this product in the water pressure 0.05 ~ 1.0Mpa, water temperature of 0 ~ 90 DEG C under the conditions of use.

2 do not hang heavy objects on the tap.

3. When the faucet is opened without water out, be sure to close the washing machine faucet (with special attention in the water, decorating or home temporarily no one to stay)

4. Wash the faucet surface (with a neutral detergent), and then wipe with a soft cotton cloth, so that long-term bright luster.

5 when the indoor temperature is below zero. To take necessary measures to tap the antifreeze (such as warm, close the window, etc.) so as not to freeze the expansion and cracking products (especially in the home decoration or no stay, in order to open the window ventilation, cold air and water tap frost crack).

6. Non-professionals do not unauthorized demolition of the faucet products, so as not to damage.

China's faucet manufacturers and faucet import and export companies, brand companies to maintain smooth channels of cooperation for the international market to meet the standards of foreign trade faucet products, the Chinese faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom will be affordable prices and sincere service to provide you with quality products.