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Visit suppliers and analyze the supply chain of Nan'an health enterprises

Posted on April 02 2022

The supply and marketing force of Nanan sanitary faucet manufacturer's brand sanitary ware production area is the best known in the industry. Nanan has nearly 300000 marketing forces and controls nearly 80% of the sales terminals of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers. With the rise of Nanan sanitary ware manufacturers' brand sanitary ware industry, suppliers also play an increasingly important role. Recently, our reporter visited some Nanan sanitary ware manufacturers' brand sanitary ware enterprises and their suppliers, and found that these enterprises are also quietly changing in the choice of suppliers.

In the past, the brand enterprises of Nan'an sanitary faucet manufacturers wanted suppliers with certain quality and high cost performance. With the improvement of branding, the quality was stable, and the suppliers with higher brands became the first choice of Nan'an enterprises. At this time, the price has begun to give way to the brand. During the visit, the reporter learned that the market position of well-known suppliers in Nan'an is gradually emerging. Take Ningbo "Wanhai valve core" as a valve core, which accounts for more than 80% of the market share of Nan'an second tier brand, of which Zhongyu and brilliant use account for half. Although another local "haijue sanitary ware" specializing in flushing valve in Nan'an has only been established for a few years, with its quality stability, it also occupies half of the river in this field in Nan'an, among which the first and second tier brands such as Zhongyu, Shenluda, longer and apple king also choose their products.

As we all know, the customer groups of faucet suppliers and brand sanitary enterprises of sanitary ware manufacturers are completely different. Suppliers face sanitary ware enterprises, while sanitary ware enterprises face dealers and end consumers, which requires that their demands will be different. With the gradual maturity of Nanan sanitary ware brand, many former miscellaneous enterprises are gradually transformed into brands, which is bound to lead to their increasing demand for the supply market, which drives sanitary ware manufacturers and brand sanitary ware enterprises to put forward higher requirements for suppliers.

To be a brand, bathroom faucet manufacturers must first ensure the quality of products. To ensure the quality of products, they must require the supplier's products to be guaranteed in quality and have continuous stability. In order to ensure the quality and stability of their products, sanitary ware manufacturers and brand sanitary ware enterprises generally do not change suppliers frequently. Therefore, they are very strict and harsh in selecting suppliers. At this time, suppliers will be favored by buyers only if they do their own products well.

The quality of suppliers' products is the core, and the role of word-of-mouth marketing in the supply chain is also very important. Compared with the relationship between suppliers and sanitary ware enterprises, the relationship between sanitary ware enterprises and consumers is more real. Sanitary ware enterprises can stir up the concept and use various ways to promote sales, but suppliers and sanitary ware enterprises have a real interest relationship, which is related to the survival of sanitary ware enterprises. Sanitary ware enterprises can't see your publicity and choose a large number of your products, Therefore, suppliers can survive and develop only by doing well themselves and constantly winning the recognition of buyers.

As a brand sanitary faucet enterprise of sanitary ware manufacturer, how to obtain "OEM products" with high quality, high stability and high cost performance is an important basis for sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware enterprises to maintain their survival and development. With the deepening of branding, it is impossible for enterprises to produce all their products independently. A large part must rely on powerful supply groups and extend the production workshop to the production workshops of various suppliers. Therefore, how to build a stable and efficient supply chain is a key issue that Nanan sanitary ware manufacturers and brand bath enterprises must think and operate in the future.