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What are the requirements for installing a thermostatic shower? After reading this article, you will understand!

Posted on October 13 2022

Thermostatic showers can not only provide us with a good bathing experience, but also have a good decorative effect. However, the installation requirements of thermostatic showers are relatively strict, so we must have some conditions when installing thermostatic showers to avoid inconsistencies. Necessary trouble, what conditions do you need to have to install a thermostatic shower? What are the advantages of a thermostatic shower? Let's find out with me.

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What are the requirements for installing a thermostatic shower?

  1. Reserve standard for hot and cold water, reserved for decoration pipes: hot on the left and cold on the right, and the distance from the center of the hot water to the center of the cold water is: 150mm.
  2. Requirements for the use of hot water sources, the solar water heater cannot control the maximum heating temperature, and the water pressure of the solar water heater is relatively small, which affects the constant temperature effect.
  3. The water pressure of gas water heaters below 12 liters is too small and does not meet the requirements for use. It is recommended to use a gas water heater of more than 16 liters, and an electric water heater of more than 30 liters.
  4. The water heater used must be an electric water heater, air energy, boiler, the capacity must reach more than 30 liters, and the hot water temperature must reach (55-80) degrees.

What are the advantages of a constant temperature shower?

  1. The constant temperature effect is good. The principle of the constant temperature shower is to automatically sense the temperature and pressure of cold and hot water through the built-in high-precision thermal element to achieve the set temperature and keep the temperature constant. Especially if there are children at home, it is not easy for the children to manually adjust the temperature in the bath by themselves, and sometimes they accidentally touch the regulating valve to cause a sudden change in temperature, which is easy to be scalded. The temperature of the thermostatic shower is constant, comfortable and comfortable. Safety.
  2. The water is hot immediately. The constant temperature model generally sets the initial water temperature at 38°C-40°C, and the water temperature is automatically adjusted inside the faucet, so there is no need to be naked in winter to adjust the temperature. Of course, if the shower is far away from the water heater, it still needs hot water delivery time.
  3. It is not easy to produce scale, the water in most parts of our country is still relatively hard, and the ordinary shower will produce scale after a period of use. The valve core of the thermostatic shower is specially treated, and the surface of the valve core will not produce scale after long-term use.
  4. Durability. The embedded sealing structure is not limited by the environment such as water supply pressure difference, and does not require frequent debugging, which improves the durability.
  5. Energy saving. There is no need for frequent debugging to avoid wasting water, so it is more energy-saving and water-saving.

Summary: The above is a complete introduction to the conditions required to install a thermostatic shower and the advantages of a thermostatic shower. Finally, I hope this article can help you.

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