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What brand of angle valve is good

Posted on April 01 2022

Angle valve is a household building material that we will use when decorating the house. The quality of angle valve is also very important. If we buy inferior angle valve, water pipe leakage is also a headache! Some people often ask what brand of angle valve is the best? Today, Xiaobian will bring you the top ten brands of angle valve on this issue to help consumers buy!

Top ten brands of angle valve: Jiumu JOMOO

Since 1990, Jiumu has become one of the world's famous kitchen and bathroom brands. Jiumu adheres to the excellence of product quality and the perfect treatment of production process, which originates from the infinite love for water and the respect for life - with "health, environmental protection, innovation, energy saving and design" as the soul, Jiumu is committed to producing high-quality sanitary ceramics, intelligent kitchen and bathroom, overall bathroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture, hardware faucets and kitchen and bathroom hardware products, Dedicated to providing customers with first-class kitchen and bathroom solutions to create the healthiest and most comfortable kitchen and bathroom products.

Second in the top ten brands of angle valve: EMCO

After half a century of struggle; Accumulate more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing leading products; More than 4700 varieties; EMCO brand products sell well all over the world; Starting from copper valves to developing a series of products covering the whole water supply and drainage, plumbing, air conditioning and HVAC pipelines; From local famous brands to the chairman unit of the national valve and plumbing sanitary ware Association; From municipal famous brand products to Chinese famous brands, China's most competitive brands and China's well-known trademarks; From the key brands supported by the local government to the largest copper valve production and export base in China, the hardships of entrepreneurship, the hesitation of setbacks and the joy of success have been turned into unforgettable memories and become an eternal treasure in the hearts of every emeco people. Now EMCO is standing on a new starting line to meet more severe challenges. In fighting the international market, EMCO continues to climb new peaks and enjoy the dazzling infinite scenery. Emeco makes people's life better.

Third among the top ten brands of angle valve: Shenluda

Founded in 2009, Shenluda Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience in the production of sanitary equipment. It is committed to creating more exquisite and comfortable sanitary products and providing environmental protection, energy saving and humanized kitchen and bathroom experience for families around the world.

Fourth among the top ten brands of angle valve: YOROOW

Yoroow Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., formerly known as YOROOW sanitary ware and sanitary ware brand, is a leading professional brand of sanitary hardware products such as high-grade faucets, showers and showers in China. It owns the well-known "YOROOW sanitary ware brand", which is the designated sanitary ware brand of star hotels and has always been the designated engineering sanitary ware brand for star hotels, senior clubs, high-end buildings and so on. In China's bathroom market, especially in the post-80s consumer groups, they are keen to choose bathroom brands. With high-quality product quality and exquisite production technology, yoroow Youlai sanitary ware has won the titles of "recommended products of China's green project" and "top ten brands in the sanitary ware industry".

Fifth among the top ten brands of angle valve: RiFeng

RiFeng is a global leading brand of new pipeline and an outstanding representative of emerging brands in sanitary ware industry. The brand is committed to providing global users with high-quality plumbing products and comprehensive professional and technical services, and aims to "build a leading brand in the domestic home building materials industry"!

Sixth among the top ten brands of angle valve: Huida Huida

Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., founded in 1982, is one of the largest and oldest sanitary ware household products brands in China. Headquartered in Tangshan Huida Ceramic City, the total number of employees is nearly 10000. There are more than 2000 kinds of products. Among them, the annual output of ceramic sanitary ware such as face washer and toilet is 9 million, and there are 17 natural gas tunnel kiln production lines. In addition, Huida also has wall and floor tiles, bathroom cabinets, hardware faucets and accessories. Foshan and Tangshan modern industrial parks with 1000 mu of ceramic tiles have world-class production equipment and technology. There are 6 ceramic tile production lines, with an annual production area of 4.4 million square meters of board tiles and 3 million square meters of wall tiles, covering high-end products such as interior wall tiles, wood grain tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, full glaze, microcrystalline stones and so on.

The seventh of the top ten brands of angle valve: Chaoyang CME

Guangdong Chaoyang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is the designated formulation unit of the national industrial standard mechanical toilet flushing valve and the editor in chief of the national standard ceramic sealing nozzle. It is one of the most powerful sanitary ware manufacturers and suppliers in China. It is a large national high-tech sanitary ware brand integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales of advanced ceramic sanitary ware, intelligent sanitary ware, inductive sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet, faucet, shower shower and sanitary ware accessories. It has won many national honorary titles such as "China famous brand product", "China well-known trademark", "national inspection exemption" and "national high-tech brand", It enjoys high popularity and reputation in China.

Eighth among the top ten brands of angle valve: Delong

Dilang sanitary ware, as a leading brand in the sanitary ware hardware industry, was established in Hong Kong in 1992. Adhering to the concept of "creating an exquisite life", Dilang sanitary ware entered the mainland market in 1994. It is the first brand to introduce the pendant into China, the first to adhere to the use of high-quality copper in the pendant, and the first to put forward the concept of "rainforest"... It has always been a persistent pursuit of high-quality products, So that Dilang sanitary ware has always maintained a leading position in the industry.

No. 9 of top ten brands of angle valve: Submarine

As a leading brand in the industry, submarine floor drains usually understand all the needs for floor drains, multi-functional floor drains, and develop various color panels in combination with fashion elements. The main products are T-type automatic sealing four anti floor drain, U-type double sealing floor drain, V-type large displacement sealing anti odor floor drain, copper horizontal cleaning port, stainless steel cleaning port, clean floor drain, stainless steel floor drain and various special-shaped floor drains.

No. 10 of top ten brands of angle valve: Kohler Kohler

Kohler, founded in 1873, is one of the largest family brands in the United States. In 2002, Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai as Kohler's Asia Pacific headquarters. For more than 130 years, Kohler has been adhering to the constant brand spirit and committed to "every Kohler product shows the highest level of that era".

The above is the list of the top ten brands of angle valve brought by Xiaobian. The above terms are for reference only. The ten rankings have been changed every quarter, but these ten brands have always been the leaders in the angle valve industry. I hope today's Xiaobian article can help you!