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What brand of bathroom faucet is good

Posted on April 01 2022

What brand is a good bathroom faucet? What brand is a good bathroom faucet? It is believed that many consumers will want to know the answer when purchasing bathroom faucet products. Today, Xiaobian will tell you what brand of sanitary faucet is good?

Delong sanitary ware (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong min Bao group, established in mainland China. It is responsible for the product development, brand building, channel development and sales of Delong brand in Chinese mainland. It is the Delong's brand operation in Chinese mainland. The top ten brands of bathroom faucet pendant, the top ten brands of floor drain, China's top 100 kitchen and bathroom brands, the leading brand in the hardware and bathroom industry, China's green building materials products, and the brand of Hong Kong minbao group.

Lyle Shidan

Guangdong Heshan Andeli Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in Wenzhou in 2002. After six years of hard work, at the end of 2008, it invested in the second factory in Zhishan Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province, "China sanitary ware and heating hardware industry base" and "China sanitary ware and heating hardware export base", and moved the company's headquarters to Guangdong, so as to comprehensively improve product quality and brand value, Registered as "Heshan Andeli Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.". Top ten brands of sanitary faucets, famous sanitary faucet pendant brand, Chinese green faucet, consumer satisfaction brand, products selected for national landmark buildings, member of China Hardware Association, professional sanitary faucet manufacturer with a number of appearance patents and professional product R & D and quality assurance capabilities.


Moen company entered the Chinese market in 1994 and established its first sales company in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. In the following years, American Moen company successively established offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing, and its sales network has covered more than 180 cities in China. Faucet shower top ten brands, bathroom faucet sink top ten brands, American Mohn brand, industry leading brand, best-selling world brand, one of the world-famous professional manufacturers of high-grade faucet, Kitchen Basin and bathroom faucet accessories.

Yoroow Youlai

Yoroow Youlai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., formerly known as Youlai sanitary ware manufacturer, is a leading professional manufacturer of high-grade faucets, shower showers and other sanitary faucets in China. It owns the well-known "Youlai sanitary ware brand", which is the designated sanitary ware brand of star hotels and has always been the designated engineering sanitary ware brand for star hotels, senior clubs, high-end buildings and so on. In China's bathroom market, especially in the post-80s consumer groups, they are keen to choose bathroom brands. With high-quality product quality and exquisite production technology, yoroow Youlai sanitary ware has won the titles of "recommended products of China's green project" and "top ten brands in the sanitary ware industry".


Kohler company, founded in 1873 and headquartered in Wisconsin, is one of the oldest and largest family brands in the United States. Kohler is a global leader in kitchen and bathroom products, engines and power generation systems, furniture, home decoration, hotel service industry and first-class golf clubs. Founded in 1873, it is a famous brand in the United States and the most trusted brand by Chinese interior designers.

The above Xiaobian introduced five better brands of sanitary faucets to you. I hope it will be helpful to answer the question "what brand of sanitary faucets is good".