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What does the faucet sitting position mean

Posted on April 02 2022

What does the faucet sitting position mean?

Compared with the seated faucet, the wall-mounted faucet looks very simple and clear, and it is easy to take care of.

The in-wall faucet hides the water pipe in the non-load-bearing wall, only revealing the water outlet of the faucet and the control valve of the switch. There is no need to directly touch the countertop of the wash basin, so there is no sanitary corner.


But don't "covet" the appearance of the wall-mounted faucet. It has some shortcomings that you must understand, and see if you can accept it.

1. The price is more expensive, the wall-mounted faucet is much higher than the common traditional sitting faucet, and the purchase and installation costs are much higher.

2. Installation is more troublesome, you need to smash the wall into the water pipe, you need to ask a professional installer to install it

3. It is troublesome to repair if there is a problem, because many parts in the early stage are buried in the wall. Generally, the faucet is leaking or rusty, and it is necessary to find a professional repairer to solve it.


So if you don't have enough budget and don't want to take too many risks, it doesn't make much difference to choose a traditional sitting faucet.

How to choose a suitable faucet without splashing water?

1. When choosing a faucet, be sure to pay attention to the inclination angle of the water outlet to determine where the water column finally touches the basin, so as to avoid splashing when washing your face.

2. If you like a higher faucet, it must be matched with a deeper wash basin, otherwise it will still splash.

3. When there is a deep storage mirror cabinet above the faucet, it is necessary to leave extra space above the faucet and the mirror cabinet, otherwise opening the faucet up and down will be more passive and inconvenient to switch.