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What if the bathroom faucet leaks?

Posted on April 01 2022

What if the bathroom faucet leaks? Leakage treatment of sanitary faucet

The sanitary faucet is mainly used to control the water outlet switch and water flow of the water pipe. The early sanitary faucets were spiral lifting type. Up to now, most sanitary faucets on the market are ceramic valve core, and the spiral lifting type has been basically eliminated. In daily life, it is sometimes found that the water of the sanitary faucet will drip after tightening, and it will drip continuously from the outlet or joint of the sanitary faucet, which will not only cause a lot of waste, but also cause some trouble sometimes. What if the bathroom faucet leaks? How to deal with the leakage of bathroom faucet?    

In fact, the structure of the sanitary faucet is very simple. You can repair the water leakage by yourself. Generally speaking, the problem of water leakage can be solved as long as you replace the sealing gasket parts such as axial gasket or triangular gasket inside the sanitary faucet. But you have to turn off the main switch of the bathroom faucet at home before renovation. As for the repair of water leakage at the joint of sanitary faucet, the cause of water leakage is nothing more than the damage of the water stop tape of the part (fixing screw) fastening the sanitary faucet. Therefore, just use plate pliers to remove the sanitary faucet and roll a new water stop tape at the place where the screw is fixed. The following are the maintenance steps:

First, fasten the sanitary faucet, and use plate pliers to rotate the sanitary faucet counterclockwise to remove it.

Second, turn the threaded hole outward and wind up the threaded part with wind printed tape for 5-6 times.    

Check whether the sanitary faucet has been adjusted, and fasten the water plate clamp in the direction of the clock. Finally, after the installation is completed, turn on the main switch to check whether there is still water leakage. Reasons for water leakage even if the sanitary faucet is fastened:

1. Cause of water leakage at the water outlet: it is caused by the wear of the axis gasket in the sanitary faucet. Loosen and remove the gland bolt with pliers, take out the shaft gasket with a clamp and replace it with a new shaft gasket.    

2. Cause of water leakage in the gap at the lower part of the faucet bolt: it is caused by the wear of the triangular sealing gasket in the gland. You can loosen the screw and remove the bolt head, then loosen and remove the gland, and then take out the triangular seal inside the gland and replace it with a new one.    

3. Water leakage at the joint of connecting pipe: generally, the cap nut is loose. At this time, you can re tighten the cap nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.

If the sanitary faucet is found to have less water, it may be water leakage, because the water stop disk of the single gun faucet is stuck with sand and stone. This phenomenon is still to find a professional repairman to disassemble the faucet for cleaning, but if the rubber pad is damaged, it must be replaced. Generally speaking, the correct use of sanitary faucets means not to rotate the faucet too tightly. The soy sauce faucet rubber pad can maintain a service life of 7 or 8 years. However, the faucet of hot water is easy to reduce its service life under heat rise and cold contraction. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the rubber pads on both sides of cold and hot should be replaced regularly at the same time.