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What is the principle of the foot faucet switch

Posted on April 02 2022

What is the principle of the foot faucet switch? How to install the foot faucet?

The owner wants to understand the installation method of the foot faucet, first of all, they must know the principle of the foot faucet switch. This article brings the installation instructions of the pedal faucet, let's take a look at it together.

Benefits of foot faucet:

1. Prevent cross infection

The water outlet and shut-off are completed by foot switch and control valve, no need to touch any part with hands, effectively avoiding cross-infection of bacteria.

2. Water saving

When using the pedal, the control valve automatically discharges water, and when it is used up, the water is automatically closed, so it saves more water resources.

3. Long service life

The hydraulic foot valve and controller can be used normally more than 200,000 times and is durable.

4. Energy saving

Using tap water's own pressure, using the principle of differential pressure to control the switch, without using any power source, it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe.

5. Simple maintenance

The product design is scientific, the structure is simple, the disassembly is easy, and it can be disassembled, cleaned and maintained by itself.

6. Beautiful

The whole set of products is exquisite in design, adopts internal wall installation, high-grade texture, no sanitary corners, and the overall space complements each other.


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The working principle of the foot faucet:

When you step on the foot switch of the auxiliary valve with your foot, the auxiliary valve opens, the hydraulic pipe is connected, the water inlet passes through the pressure relief groove, and a passage is formed between the hydraulic pipe and the water outlet, and there is no water pressure on the upper side of the main valve piston. Under the action of the water pressure from below, the piston moves upwards, the valve flap is released from the water hole, and the main valve is opened.

When the foot releases the foot switch of the auxiliary valve, the hydraulic pipe is blocked, and the water pressure on both sides of the main valve piston is restored to balance. Under the action of the spring, the valve disc is pressed against the water hole again to make the main valve closure.


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How to install the foot faucet?

The installation of the foot faucet is very simple, generally divided into the following steps:

The first step is to install the treadle. Make sure that the installation position of the treadle is flat without any unevenness.

The second step is to install the pedal bracket and steel wire, and be sure to use a relatively solid bracket and steel wire.

The third step is to install the copper valve body and the valve body bracket, connect the valve body and the bracket, and connect the mixing valve to the bracket and the water inlet pipe. After installation, be sure to perform a test to ensure that the foot faucet can be used normally in future use.