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What's a good brand of sanitary ware in the bathroom

Posted on April 01 2022

1. At present, there are two schools of sanitary ware:

One is the American and Japanese school. The process design of the American and Japanese school focuses on mass production. It is characterized by simple shape, easy production, medium and low grade and popularization. The other is the European School, mainly France, Italy and Spain. The European style pays attention to the fine function and artistic personalized taste. It belongs to high-grade artistic ceramics because of its beautiful shape and rich secondary firing. The so-called second firing is the second high-temperature firing on the basis of all porcelain, baking the pattern of Jinbi meal and colorful lines to set off the user's life taste.

2. Why does the clean bathroom still have an annoying smell? The culprit is that there is no fully porcelain bathroom. As it has not yet become 100% porcelain, it is still ceramic. It will absorb water, and what it absorbs is "sewage". Over time, what it spits out can only be peculiar smell.

3. Why did good bathroom use a year or two, will inexplicably crack?

Or because it is not completely porcelain, it will absorb water. If the sewage is absorbed too much, the bad body will expand and crack the bathroom if it exceeds the surface tension.

4. What kind of bathroom has a long service life?

All ceramic sanitary ware has high hardness, close to diamond hardness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, so it has a long service life.

5. How to simply distinguish the porcelain degree of sanitary ware?

Knocking on the surface of porcelain by hand, the sound is crisp and not dull, indicating all porcelain. Apply water on the damaged surface of porcelain without glaze to see the condition of water absorption. If water absorption proves that there is no all porcelain, all porcelain does not absorb water.

6. What kind of production process can make sanitary ware all porcelain?

This requires a highly technically difficult clay formula and glaze formula. After firing at 1250 ℃, it will be completely vitrified, dense, non absorbent and non deformable.

(1) Products of well-known brands should be selected. These products have been strictly tested in all aspects, and the quality can be trusted. At the same time, these brands also have a certain quality management system to ensure product quality.

(2) Recognize water-saving signs and buy water-saving products. At present, the sanitary ware has passed the water-saving certification, and there are also national famous brand products. Consumers can rest assured to buy them. At the same time, we also need to recognize the model of the product. Not all models of products of the same brand have passed the relevant certification.

(3) Choose your favorite style. Select products with appropriate pit spacing according to the actual situation. Pit distance refers to the distance between the center of the blowdown hole and the wall. If the pit distance of the product is small, it cannot be installed; If the pit spacing is too large, it will occupy a lot of space.

(4) We should buy sanitary products at different prices according to our purchasing power.

There are also certain requirements for the installation of toilet. The most important thing is that cement can not be used for installation to avoid cracking of toilet.

The debugging of water tank accessories is also very important. Generally, the products have been installed and debugged before leaving the factory. However, consumers can re Commission water tank accessories according to different needs to achieve the best flushing effect.

Do not throw sundries into the toilet during use, so as not to cause blockage.

The surface glaze of the bathroom is smooth, delicate, without gravel bubbles, elegant and exquisite, smooth and concise, elegant color, which matches the color of the bathroom wall and floor tiles. Choose brands according to their own economic strength to adapt to the overall decoration level of the residence.

2 in the three piece bathroom set, the material of washbasin and toilet is ceramic. The bathtub is made of acrylic, steel plate and cast iron, so it should be noted that the colors between the three sets should be consistent as far as possible. In addition, the colors of different brands are not necessarily the same (color number). Therefore, when mixing, choose the ones with similar colors as carefully as possible.

3 acrylic is a new type of chemical material. The bathtub made of acrylic plate special for bathtub should be selected. Acrylic bathtub has light texture, many color styles, good thermal insulation performance and low price. It has been very popular at home and abroad; Relatively speaking, the steel bathtub has low cost and poor thermal insulation, and the possibility of deformation is determined by the thickness of the plate, but its service life is longer than that of acrylic, and there is no phenomenon that acrylic is easy to grind; Due to the high investment amount, many foreign brands mainly use entrusted processing and OEM production. In transportation and installation, it will bring great disadvantages due to the weight. However, compared with the above two materials, the surface is smooth, the density is fine, and the service life is longer; Synthetic marble is a newly developed green product, which contains natural stone ingredients, bright, wear-resistant and impact resistant. All three bathroom sets are made of integrated materials, and the color will be very coordinated.

4. The washbasin is matched with the water heating faucet. The single hole washbasin adopts the single hole faucet, and the three hole washbasin adopts the single handle double hole faucet or double handle faucet (foreign brands are also called separated three hole faucet). If the drainage pipe is on the wall, select P-bend, and if the drainage pipe is on the ground, select S-bend.

5 the distance from the center of the sewage pipe of the toilet to the wall is called the pit distance. The pit distance of the toilet should match the pit distance of the sewage pipe. Generally, 400mm pit distance is adopted in the design of buildings. At present, some buildings are designed by designers or overseas designers, and 305mm pit distance (American Standard) is adopted in the deepening design of domestic designers, The European standard is about 210mm pit distance. With the emergence of a large number of European products in the Chinese market, the new concepts brought by overseas personnel and the promotion of foreign brands in the market, there are concealed water tanks in the residence to match with the hanging toilet.