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Why are the prices of faucet brands so different?

Posted on April 01 2022

The convenient, fast and clean characteristics of bathroom products have brought convenience to people's home life. In terms of faucets, there are fewer kitchens and bathrooms at home, but this small life necessity has also brought a lot of trouble to people. The faucets in the store range from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. Last week, the reader Ms. Su called for help: why is the faucet price gap so large? With questions, the reporter visited the major stores to find out.

The price gap is nearly 10000 yuan

Recently, the reporter came to Shilihe building materials street. In the building materials Museum of the incredibly home, the reporter saw dozens of bathroom brands selling faucets, with prices ranging from 30 yuan to 7000 yuan. There are more than ten brands of faucets in Jiali Liwu coating supermarket, and the producing areas are Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai respectively. Taking Shanghai brand green sun as an example, the price of kitchen faucet and basin faucet ranges from 201 yuan to 886 yuan; The price of Guangdong brand laiershidan ranges from 210 yuan to 966 yuan. In another store, the reporter saw that the price of the kitchen and basin faucet of yoroow Youlai brand is between 300 yuan and 1000 yuan, and the price of American standard brand is between 400 yuan and 2000 yuan. In the Mohn brand store, there is a three hole antique basin faucet with a price of 7148 yuan. According to the clerk, this product is produced in the United States.

Reason for high price: excellent design

Why are the prices of faucets so different? It is learned from the survey that most of the kitchen faucets and basin faucets in the market are made of copper and chromium plating, only some brands use stainless steel, and the valve cores of faucets with more than 100 yuan use ceramic valve cores. If the materials are the same, what is the price difference? According to the shopping guide of qinaisi, the price of faucet varies with the shape and style. For example, the faucet of this square switch is the best-selling one now. Its shape is fashionable and young people like it. In the huayida store, the reporter saw some different from the traditional faucet shape, with novel design, but the price is also quite high. Starting from 2000 yuan, according to the clerk, the brand takes the high-end route and sells design.

Reason for high price: good electroplating quality

According to experts from China ceramic sanitary Association, what brand is a good faucet? The quality of electroplating will also cause the price difference of faucets. The main raw materials of the faucet are divided into miscellaneous copper and pure copper, and the more advanced is the mixed material of copper and nickel. Pure copper is not easy to corrode and oxidize. After multiple polishing, it is conducive to electroplating (tuozhe design). The electroplating quality is better than that of miscellaneous copper. In addition, the plating thickness also determines the cost. For faucets produced by small manufacturers with small scale, poor equipment and weak technical strength, the plating thickness is only 3 to 4 microns, which is easy to oxidize and corrode. At present, the international standard of faucet electroplating thickness is 8 microns, and the best can reach 12 microns.