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Why is the water flow of the pull-out faucet so small?

Posted on November 03 2022

Nowadays, more and more users like to use pull-out faucets in the kitchen and bathroom for easy cleaning. However, many users will find that the water flow of some pull-out faucets is very small during use. What is going on? How should it be solved? Let's learn together.

Why is the water in the pull-out faucet so small?

  1. Clogged filter: Some faucets are equipped with filters to keep sand out. Unscrew the faucet connector to see if something is blocking the filter.
    Too low water pressure: If you live in a tall building, you may experience insufficient water pressure, resulting in a situation where the water cannot rise and there is very little water.
  2. Close the water valve: If someone closes the water valve, the amount of water must be reduced. There is also a problem with the valve.
  3. High water consumption at home: If a large amount of water is used in multiple places at the same time, the water output will be diverted and the water output will definitely decrease.

Is the pull-out faucet easy to break?

Many people worry that the stainless steel hose inside a working faucet will become knotted, hardened or damaged. Don't worry about these. When designing a pull-out faucet, the hose is designed to drop a lot of water. The hose will automatically reset when not in use. If the hose is not intentionally bent during use, there is no problem.

How to disassemble the pull-out faucet

  1. First, close the water gate at home to prevent water spraying during operation.
  2. Next, first remove the piping from the upper water inlet, and then remove the piping that connects to the tank.
  3. You can open the gravity ball again, convenient and easy to open, and it can be done with one hand.

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