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Why the bathroom faucet drips

Posted on April 02 2022

First look at the structure of the bathroom faucet. If the bathroom faucet is an old-style rubber pad, which can be tightened by rotating the bathroom faucet handle, you can use a big wrench to unscrew the bathroom faucet housing and replace the rubber pad that is about the size of a cent. If you do n’t have a rubber pad, you can buy another bathroom faucet. At present, plastic is more common, but 3-4 yuan / piece. If it is a new type of magnetic valve sanitary faucet, it is difficult to find a magnetic valve block on the market, so the sanitary faucet has to be changed. This kind of bathroom faucet is cheaper than a little over 10 yuan. The two mentioned above refer to a single bathroom faucet. If it is a bathroom faucet of a basin, about tens to hundreds of yuan, you can buy a valve cartridge at the place where the bathroom faucet is sold for replacement. The price difference of the spool is very large, about 10-40 yuan.

The decomposition procedure of this bathroom faucet is:

First, there are red and blue dots under the handle. After prying it down, you can see this hole.

Second, look at a small screw inside the handle with a flashlight to see if it is a cross or a flat mouth. Use a corresponding small screwdriver to reach in. After loosening, you can remove the handle.

Third, after removing the handle, you can see a large copper nut that fixes and presses the valve core. Use a large wrench to unscrew and remove it.

4. At this time, you can remove the entire valve core and replace it with a new valve core. Five, but pay attention to the same specifications of the valve core. When new installation, pay attention to the two protruding points of the valve core, which are used for positioning, and should fall into the small holes under the base of the bathroom faucet accordingly. Finally, follow the disassembly procedure to reverse the installation.