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YOROOW bathroom factory successfully moved and hardware facilities upgrade

Posted on April 01 2022

With the expanding of business, in order to meet the production specification, production scale, production capacity increase and meet the needs of the company long-term development strategy, nanan friend lai sanitary ware co., LTD. (formerly friendly lai sanitary ware factory) officially moved to the new factory: nanan, fujian province economic development zone industrial park of helped MAO ling (is on the left side of the gate), new factory geographical position is superior, the traffic is more convenient.

The successful relocation of THE YOROOW Bathroom plant and the upgrading of hardware facilities will lay a solid foundation for YOROOW to further expand the foreign market, and provide better products and services for the domestic end customers, stores and franchisees of YOROOW Bathroom, and open the new journey of YOROOW Bathroom brand development.

YOROOW Youlai Sanitary ware Co., LTD., formerly known as Youlai sanitary ware manufacturer, is a leading professional manufacturer of high-grade faucets, shower showers and other sanitary hardware products in China. It owns "Youlai sanitary ware brand", which is the designated sanitary ware brand of star hotels. It has been designated as the project sanitary ware brand of star hotels, senior clubs and high-end real estate. In The Chinese sanitary ware market, especially in the post-80s consumer groups are more enthusiastic about choosing sanitary ware brands. YOROOW sanitary ware has won the title of "China green Project Recommended Products" and "Top ten Brands in sanitary ware industry" with high quality products and diligent production technology.

In line with simple, fashionable, high-quality product style, YOROOW is committed to creating a warm and comfortable, humanized modern bathroom space for every family.