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YOROOW Sanitary Ware Linli Quality is the foundation of brand development

Posted on April 02 2022

YOROOW Sanitary Ware was formerly known as Fujian Youan Sanitary Ware Manufactory, which focuses on manufacturers of shower and faucet products. The JOROOW brand has a very high degree of recognition in the Chinese bathroom market, especially in the post-80s consumer group, the bathroom brand is keen to choose. Relying on humanized design and exquisite production technology, the YOROOW brand has won honors such as "China's Famous Brand" and "Top Ten Engineering Bathroom Brands". Today we are fortunate to invite Lin Li, the manager of the marketing department of YOROOW Sanitary Ware, to get to know the latest developments of YOROOW Sanitary Ware and their views on the market.

Lin YOROOW Bathroom Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager: Lin Li

Reporter: Manager Lin, hello! We all know that the development of YOROOW Sanitary Ware in recent years can be said to be obvious to all. Can you introduce to us the secret of YOROOW Sanitary Ware getting consumer recognition?

Lin Linli: Hello! YOROOW Sanitary Ware is actually established since many years of accumulation and hard work. We have been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of faucets, showers, and bathroom hardware. From being an OEM for other brands to establishing our own brand, we rely on the down-to-earth and dedicated efforts of everyone in YOROOW. User word-of-mouth is the eternal pursuit of the company's goals, and everything else serves this purpose. This is what we do not change as a corporate credo, no matter how the external market changes, and instill this philosophy into every employee and product Every screw must be the best to ensure that each set of products from YOROOW is of the best quality. It is under such strict requirements that our customers are mainly repeat customers. Up to now, YOROOW has provided OEM services for many global bathroom brands. The independent brand “JOROOW” has also been widely used in star hotel chains and high-end residential gardens with its humanized design and exquisite manufacturing technology. And other fields, and in 2003 won the industry's top ten leading brands honor.

Reporter: What kind of thinking and strategy is based on the positioning of the YOROOW bathroom brand in the high-end market from the beginning?

Lin Lin: Yes, our positioning was very clear from the beginning, that is, to be a high-quality high-end bathroom brand. YOROOW has always been engaged in OEM. Both the product quality and the users have our unique understanding and experience of the product experience. Positioning high quality is a natural process for us. Bathroom products are also a kind of durable goods. One use cycle is the last ten years, and the quality is sloppy. For consumers, they prefer to choose high-quality products. This is the same idea with consumers. Of course, positioning high-end does not mean ordinary consumption. Those who ca n’t afford it, in addition to products for star-rated hotels and commercial buildings, YOROOW also has a series of products for popular products, and the same technology allows more people to enjoy high-quality bathroom products.

Reporter: Facing the competition of many brands in the current market, what strategy does Yolai continue to maintain the brand advantage?

Lin Li: There is competition in any industry. This is the law of the market. Whoever can provide better value is given to the market. On the contrary, for the bathroom industry, it is still in the initial stage of development. The development of domestic bathrooms is only 2. In the past three decades, for such a huge market of hundreds of billions, no brand can occupy a market monopoly position of more than 5%, which means that there is still a great opportunity for any brand to grow and grow the cake together. Industry reputation and better service to consumers are the common needs of all bathroom brands. YOROOW will always develop with other companies in an open and cooperative manner while maintaining the leading position in the market. For how to maintain the market advantage of YOROOW Sanitary Ware, on the one hand, we have always done the product quality and service as the core of the company through real implementation. This is the foundation of our brand development; Self-centered development thinking, including that we require dealers to really think from the customer's perspective when facing end customers. I think these two points are very important to us.

I remember: The country is implementing hardcover housing and urbanization construction, which has aroused the attention of the industry. How do you view the impact of the hardcover housing market, including urbanization construction, on the bathroom industry?

Lin Li: Promoting the construction of hardcover houses and urbanization. I think it is a stage that every country must go through to a certain extent. China is no exception. In developed countries in Europe and America, the proportion of hardcover houses is more than 70%, which can be more convenient. Consumers are conducive to the development of the country's real estate industry structure, and it is also a future trend. As an upstream industry, the impact of the real estate industry on the bathroom market is self-evident. This will be a good opportunity. Our bathroom brand can increase the The layout and investment of the market, including urbanization, will also promote the development of sanitary building materials markets in second- and third-tier cities, making sanitary brand sales channels sink to vertical development. It is also a challenge. I think impact, opportunity and challenge coexist.

Reporter: E-commerce is affecting and penetrating various industries. Is there any plan to do e-commerce in the future?

Lin Li: Yes, I think e-commerce is a very important auxiliary marketing channel for the offline market. We have always attached great importance to it. In addition to the deep cooperation between search engines, industry platforms and major portal media, YOROOW also has One of the earliest sanitary brands that implemented Weibo and WeChat marketing, we have set up a dedicated online marketing department to enhance the brand influence and allow more consumers to acquire Uleago through a multi-dimensional communication model based on the combination of the Internet and offline. Quality and product service information, also includes a series of professional online marketing support for brand franchisees and partners in various regions. We are at the forefront of this industry.

Correspondent: It can be said that it is very important

Lin Lin: Yes

Reporter: Thank you Manager Lin for your detailed answers. I would like to ask at the end, what development plans and plans will you have for Yulai Bathroom?

Lin Li: In the coming year, YOROOW Sanitary Ware will further develop and focus on high-end hotels, real estate, and engineering market projects. With continuous technological innovation and quality upgrades, it will better serve the terminal market. To further develop third- and fourth-tier markets and township markets; the construction of product service systems at flagship stores across the country, including the introduction of the “first advance compensation and return guarantee” and “home improvement free consultation” concepts, to provide consumers with faster, Attentive service further enhances brand honor and reputation. In terms of products: increase the research and development of innovation and smart products, and in May, YOROOW will launch a new series of product brand packaging, designed by internationally renowned designers to further highlight the saving fashion of YOROOW bathroom Brand image of high-end quality bathrooms.

Journalist: We also hope that YOROOW will continue to make breakthroughs and achieve more brilliant results. Finally, thank you Mr. Lin for accepting our interview.

Lin Lin: I also sincerely thank the media for their support to YOROOW!
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