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YOROOW Sanitary ware manufacturers invite to join agents

Posted on March 31 2022

Sanitary ware brand to join the brand introduction

Youlai sanitary ware Co., LTD., formerly known as Youlai sanitary ware factory, is located in China's plumbing production base: Nan 'an city, Fujian province. Is a high-grade faucet, flower shower and other hardware plumbing manufacturers.

After market and brand accumulation, Youlai sanitary ware brand manufacturers have formed a certain degree of popularity and reputation in the domestic high-end consumer groups, the brand has a high market recognition, has won "China famous Brand", "China engineering recommended products", "Top 10 sanitary brand" and other honors. Highlight the maturity of brand operation and huge space for future brand development.

Friend Mr Wei yu brand, brand development process is to join the broad masses of friends lai wei yu brand dealer buster and implementation process of the value of life, friends in the brand development to today, the success of the channel operations to make numerous mom-and-pop stores to company management, achievement the millionaire of multiple partners, have a lot of wei yu brand recognition.

Youlai sanitary ware brand products through the international authoritative laboratory "SGS" and "CE" certification. User experience has always been the most important thing for Youlai people. While focusing on quality, we strive to deliver the most real value to customers, which is the principle youlai people always adhere to.

Youlai sanitary brand manufacturers with excellent design and exquisite technology, continue to improve the experience of sanitary brand space.

Sanitary brand franchise advantage

1. Product advantages

Adhere to good quality faucets, has always been the most effective way for You Lai sanitary ware manufacturers to obtain a good reputation from users, high-quality brass as materials, high-grade Taiwan KTS kath spool and top hose configuration, so that you Lai sanitary ware brand products to obtain a good market share. With many years of production experience of youlai sanitary ware brand manufacturer, to establish a set of perfect quality management system, each faucet before leaving the factory, to ensure that each product test water and gas.

2. Price advantage

Nan 'an city of Fujian province is the production base of plumbing in China and the main industrial base of exporting plumbing products in China. Relying on the mature bathroom brand industry chain in Fujian, China, and many years of production and brand OEM experience, we can effectively produce high-quality products, reduce costs, so that customers get the most direct competitive faucet products.

3. Quality assurance

Youlai sanitary ware brand has been providing sanitary ware brand products for star hotels, senior clubs and so on. Its widely known sanitary brand brand "you Lai", is a star hotel designated sanitary brand brand, whether from the quality or process than the general brand has a higher strict standard. The product quality of layers of checks, in strict accordance with international standards, to ensure that every product the same high quality.

4. Publicity and material support

Youlai sanitary brand brand for agents to provide agency authorization certificate, posters, work clothes, business cards and so on all needed supplies, from the subtle reflects the brand focus on details, for sanitary brands to join, dealers to provide the largest support.

5, sanitary brand franchise store decoration support

Youlai sanitary brand brand for sanitary brand franchisee to provide a unified store image design, simple, high visual impact modern decoration style, to create a warm, full of sense of belonging store environment. Youlai sanitary ware brand emphasizes personalized details, the pursuit of practical and popular style, through generous and economical design to highlight the beauty of simplicity and harmony.

6, sanitary ware brand franchise brand advantage

Youlai sanitary ware brand based on offline and Internet combined brand communication, through all-round, multi-dimensional integrated marketing strategy to quickly improve the brand image, in the country to establish a set of advanced brand marketing system, sanitary ware brand franchisee partners around the region, to provide a series of professional marketing support. Youlai regularly launches a series of brand advertisements on CCTV, newspapers and magazines, sina, Sohu, Tencent and other four major Internet portal platforms and search engines, constantly strengthening market network laying and brand development, opening a broader market prospect, and jointly creating a better future.

Sanitary ware brand franchise support and regional protection policy

1. Regional protection policy

Youlai brand follow a region only authorized a sanitary brand franchisee principle, the first authorized sanitary brand franchisee free of franchise sanitary brand franchise gold, has the exclusive right to operate in the region.

2. Support of publicity and materials

Provide free door design, product hanger, picture album, work clothes, light box, window advertising, Internet publicity, media reports and other support.

3, sanitary brand franchise store decoration support

According to the youlai brand standard decoration scheme (unified nationwide) for decoration, decoration subsidies.

4. Product rebate policy

If the annual sales volume can reach the company's regulation, you can enjoy the product rebate policy.

5, sanitary brands to join the opening support

For the newly opened sanitary brand franchisee, headquarters to provide banners/flower baskets and other opening support.

6, sanitary ware brand to join sample support

According to the "pre-payment after return" to provide comprehensive grade, style rich free samples.

7, sanitary brands to join the holiday promotion support

All sanitary brand franchisees enjoy the headquarters of regular holiday products profit promotion;

8. Engineering project support

Bathroom brand franchisee has the priority to undertake engineering projects in the region, and get the protection of the headquarters company.

Sanitary brands to join conditions

· The area is a blank area (prefecture level city, county city) that is not authorized to go out.

· Familiar with youlai sanitary ware franchise agent system, product service content, specific business process and other relevant information.

◇ Have certain economic strength, industry experience and legal business qualifications, and agree with the brand concept and corporate culture of Youlai sanitary ware brand.

• Bathroom brand stores are located in a local market or influential market