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YOROOW sanitary ware won EU CE certification

Posted on March 31 2022

Recently, YOROOW sanitary ware has passed the strict audit of a third-party certification body and won the international authoritative CE certificate. It shows that the products meet the EU safety qualification requirements of the EU directive of the new method of technical coordination and standardization. At the same time, the success of CE certification will further promote the overseas trade of YOROOW sanitary ware, especially the export to Europe.

CE certification is a pass for products to enter the markets of European Union and European Free Trade Area countries. It not only simplifies the trade procedures for commodity sales, but also provides customers with a basis for selecting safe products. CE certification is a quality commitment to imported goods, which greatly increases consumers' trust in products, and products with CE mark will reduce the risk of sales in the European market. YOROOW sanitary ware obtaining CE certification is not only conducive to the pass for export to Europe, but also the trust and support of merchants and customers for the quality of YOROOW sanitary ware products. YOROOW has been making progress and developing towards higher quality and better enjoyment.

In recent years, China has exported more and more products. If Chinese products want to trade smoothly in the European market, they must have the "CE" safety certification mark. YOROOW sanitary ware has been providing sanitary products and services for high-end, chain business hotel markets and families at home and abroad. It has passed CE certification, which proves that YOROOW sanitary ware meets the requirements of a series of European directives such as safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection, and better provides high-quality commodity choices for domestic customers. Further gain the trust of Chinese consumers and market supervision institutions, and continue to expand the domestic sales market.

YOROOW Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., located in Nan'an City, Fujian Province, is a famous Plumbing production base in China. At the beginning of its establishment, it was a sanitary ware manufacturer producing high-grade faucets, showers and other hardware plumbing. With the expansion of economic scale, YOROOW sanitary ware focuses on the domestic and foreign star, medium and high-end, chain business hotels and high-end real estate home market. According to different hotel styles and grades, it designs different series of environmental protection and water-saving products with different characteristics, such as comfortable, concise, generous and European style, which meet the different needs of China's hotel industry. YOROOW sanitary products have successively won the honors of "Chinese famous brand", "Chinese engineering green recommended products", "top ten faucet brands" and so on.

"YOROOW" is the designated bathroom brand of star hotels. Good customer evaluation reputation makes YOROOW bathroom pay more attention to product quality and deliver the most real price of products to customers. Won the international CE certification, so that YOROOW sanitary products can further strengthen the combination of safety, environmental protection and quality. YOROOW bathroom will also continue to serve customers with excellent bathroom product design and exquisite handicraft quality, and constantly improve the bathroom space, aiming to bring customers a different bathroom life experience with high-quality bathroom products.