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YOROOW Successfully Obtains Intertek Certification, Becomes Verified Supplier

Posted on August 17 2023

YOROOW Faucet Factory has announced its achievement of the Verified Supplier Certificate by Intertek. This significant certification marks a solid step forward in YOROOW's quality management, ensuring the provision of more reliable faucet products to its customers. As a globally leading provider of testing, certification, and quality assurance services, Intertek's endorsement adds authority and credibility to this certification.

As a premier enterprise specializing in faucet product manufacturing, YOROOW Faucet Factory is located in Nan'an, China. Over the past 12 years, YOROOW has been committed to producing high-quality and cost-effective faucet products, while also offering OEM services to over 100 global bathroom brands, earning high praise in the industry.

To ensure the quality and safety of its products, YOROOW decided to apply for Intertek's Verified Supplier Certificate. Intertek, a globally renowned third-party testing and certification organization, holds widely recognized certifications and endorsements. The certification process involved on-site assessment of YOROOW, covering critical areas such as production capacity, quality assurance, research and development capability, human resources, export business ability, quality control, production processes, company information, and product samples.

After undergoing Intertek's rigorous testing and review, YOROOW Faucet Factory successfully obtained the Intertek Verified Supplier Certificate. This achievement signifies that YOROOW meets international standards in quality management, offering customers more reliable faucet products. Moreover, this certification boosts customer confidence in the quality and safety of YOROOW products, enhancing the company's competitiveness and brand reputation in the market.

YOROOW has consistently adhered to quality management practices and continuous improvement. They implement quality audits and maintain a dual quality control system, ensuring that every product meets high-standard quality requirements. With the attainment of the Intertek Verified Supplier Certificate, YOROOW will further strengthen its quality management, continuously enhance product quality, and customer satisfaction.

For YOROOW Faucet Factory, achieving the Intertek Verified Supplier Certificate is a significant milestone. Company executives express deep regard for this successful certification and take pride in it. They pledge to continue their dedication to providing high-quality faucet products and excellent customer service.

This certification solidifies YOROOW's leading position in the faucet manufacturing industry, boosting its market competitiveness and business opportunities. Additionally, YOROOW Faucet Factory's Intertek Verified Supplier Certificate showcases the company's commitment to quality and exceptional capabilities. This certification will inspire YOROOW to further elevate product quality and customer satisfaction, leading the development of the bathroom industry and co-creating a promising future in the global bathroom market.

About YOROOW Faucet Factory: YOROOW Faucet Factory is located in Nan'an, China, and is a leading enterprise specialized in faucet product manufacturing. Over the years, YOROOW has been dedicated to providing high-quality and cost-effective faucet products, earning a strong reputation in the global bathroom market. Their products are widely used in households and public places to meet users' needs.

About Intertek: Intertek is a globally leading provider of testing, certification, and quality assurance services. Founded in 1878, it is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The organization offers comprehensive testing, certification, validation, and quality assurance solutions, helping clients ensure product quality, safety, and compliance. Through Intertek's certifications, enterprises can enhance their market competitiveness and boost customer confidence in their products.

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